Swaggie Belle by AleximusPrime

Swaggie Belle by AleximusPrime

Willsun of The Round Stable has interviewed Claire Corlett, also known as Sweetie Belle.

Despite its brevity, the interview sheds light on her friendships with the other voice actors, and what is also advantageous is that you can choose to either listen to it or read the transcript.

Here’s an excerpt:

What is there not to like about Sweetie Belle? She’s sweet, hence the name Sweetie Belle. She’s cute, she’s funny, I like the colors of her mane too, and her sister’s hilarious. I just love her personality so much and her humor. It’s just really cool.

True, Sweetie Belle is really good pony.


  • Citrus Rain

    She really likes her mane!

  • ManeFlame

    There’s a reason Sweetie’s my second fav.
    Now let her sing more often! :P