We’re late to the table with this one but a recent article was published from Cnet’s Australia branch on the new MLP:FiM Gameloft game, taking a look at the game and then the subject many have spoken about, the fact you basically -need- to spend actual money to finish the game. I personally have not played the game due to the fact it just will not work on my android phone (I somehow have some mutant offspring version), but from what I heard you either have the choice of spending several years grinding on the game to earn the gems needed to archive finishing the game, or toss some of your hard earned money at the mobile screen.

It is understandable that these gaming companies have to make money from what equates to a free game, unless they chalk the game full of ads they have to find a way to pay their coders and designers. Games like Farmville do this with basically perks that can be purchased for the game, but of course are not needed to complete the game (also the fact Farmville doesn’t really have an end, just an empty void of forever farming those fields). Cnet basically covers the same general idea.

To quote Cnet:

It is, quite simply put, the most blatant demonstration of sheer greed that I’ve ever seen in a freemium title. Gameloft and Hasbro knew that the legions of My Little Pony fans would flock to the title, and that they would want that last pony unlocked. They also, presumably, knew that children would gravitate toward the game as well.

Read the full article on Cnet AU

  • ParanoidAndroid

    Try “airplane mode”. As for Cnet’s concerns, this edit from reddit may increase your mileage on Android devices.

    • Anonymous

      This. There is a mod now out for iOS as well.

    • Marko Vinu

      Pretty much that. Also, I couldn’t run the game on my Gingerbread-updated OT-990 (crash with no error message as soon as I try to start it), and tried that using that .odd as a last ditch effort, which, to my surprise, made the game run. And, if you don’t like the values granted by that mod, there’s a Windows-only tool that allows you to tweak them up to your likings, so you can modify it in such a way to make money purchases obsolete, but not make everything easy to get.

  • Capt. Ahab

    From what I’ve played, each pony equates to bonus voice acting not heard on the show. So far, many of us have been able to enjoy the character voices on the show for free via youtube uploaders or wherever we get our episodes from. Any payment for episodes has been optional. Giving $62 to Gameloft to unlock the main six is unexpected and confusing. The money spent on gems would actually be paying for the whole game (design, programming, licensing, marketing, apple’s cut, etc.) but all the consumer is thinking about is getting to hear that mane six pony which they expect to be able to hear for free.

    I also think Gameloft has applied some of the whale net strategies seen in other free to play games.
    It’s kinda long, but this GDC talk goes into the topic of catching whales in Chinese browser games: http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1016417/-100-000-Whales-An
    “…if I wanted to spend $100,000 in your game, could I do it?”

  • Anonymous

    One Rarity is not worth $60 dollars!

    It was a valiant effort, but you should refuse to give them your business and walk away.