User MrPony on the Arena came across these on Taobao. There’s nothing as of now to confirm that this is exactly what she’ll look like on shelves, but if there’s anything different it’s going to be pretty minor. Lets hope they give her a tail in the box art, though.

It’s also unknown whether the recorded phrases she says are different from pink Celestia. And because I know it’s going to be a huge issue for some people, the blush is easily removed/lightened with a bit of acetone.

This white Celestia is part of the Toys ‘R’ us exclusive “Collectors Series”, expected to be released this fall.

  • Hawaii Brony

    I keep throwing money at the screen but it won’t take my pre-order. XD Seriously though, I think the phrase “all is right in the world” comes to mind seeing an actual WHITE Celestia. Looks like another TRU exclusive though, one more thing to add besides Vinyl Scratch ^_^;;