I love this guy, and not just because he looks like Derpy. Those eyes man, they’ve seen something.

Comic behind the page break (in my attempt to unmuck the page scroll speed).

So Derpy’s scene was censored and modified…

Well, hopefully, that happened only in the iTunes version of the episode and she’s still Derpy everywhere else. At least for now.
Also, it has been confirmed by animators of the show that she won’t be erased of existence or “underped” in the future. 

And, even if I don’t like censorship in the name of political correctness, as this comic should reflect, we don’t know all the facts.
You shouldn’t start a campaign against Hasbro for this, or Apple, but specially you shouldn’t blame people with no relation to the show just for having a different opinion in the Derpy issue.

That’s all. XD

– Equestria Fadri

Don’t Panic is a good phrase for today. The best action right now is to stay calm. Hasbro has received our e-mails, we have moved our chess piece, its now their turn. What needs to be done is make sure that Hasbro knows that we love Derpy. I doubt they will back peddle on The Last Roundup, they spent the money to change it. But there are future episodes, and what this community needs to do is show them that we love Derpy, and do not want to see her vanish from the show.

  • You: “She is not safe, but it’s time for the calm after the storm.”

    Some dumb fan: “Derpy is NOT safe?!?! EVERYBODY PANIC!! *sends angry letter to Hasbro*

    Hasbro: “Okay…we didn’t expect this. Derpy, you’re fired for giving the world a heart attack. Twice…no, three times…”

    Derpy: “…I just don’t know what went wrong…”

    Hasbro: “You went wrong.”

    The same dumb fan: “Derpy is wrong but that dosen’t mean she should be censored!”

    Hasbro: “Oh, yeah? What about her eyes? Her voice? Her CHARACTER?!”

    Dumb fan: “We love those! You are stupid and I have a nuclear missile if you ever take away my Derpy!”

    …and so on and so forth.

    That’s my prediction.

    • Adding to last post…

      iTunes: “WE said she was offensive, not Hasbro!”

      Dumb fan: “Screw off! Hasbro derped her eyes, their the ones who have the say!”

      Hasbro: “…damn. iTunes, help?”

      iTunes: “…no. THis is just some dumb kid, you can handle him.”

      Hasbro: “Oh great…”

    • filledwithsolutions

      Obviously the best way to let a company know how you feel about their actions is not to send them feedback.

      And of course it was itunes that made them pull the show off of the hub.

  • Gavalanche

    This show has SO much wrong with it, and I LOVE it for it!

  • felicia wilson

    Good Lord!!!! Who are these people that scream foul at every thing???? So what if Derpy looks different?!?!? My neighbor has down syndrome and he is just fine!!! If you could see his art work!! (he’s on Deviant Art but you won’t know) We are able to see past what is called DS. Thank Goodness!! Are we so unable to accept “not as the rest” that we can’t appreciate their gift!!! I am glad Derpy has special abilities, this could be a teachable moment, that different is good!! Hasbro, the world is not as “old white school” as you may think, we are smarter, more aware and are open to more than the perfect, as we are not. Please, let us not be so “white”. It’s embarassing.

  • felicia wilson

    Itunes, whatever… a program that hates people. I maybe unItuning. Apple hates fair wages.

  • Painless Wolf

    I was smiling at the cartoon then (having spent 30 minutes chatting with TGAP Trixie in SL this afternoon)I broke out laughing at the “constant unavoidable nudity everywhere” panel and finally at the end, I got some heart’s ease at: “Also, it has been confirmed by animators of the show that she won’t be erased of existence or “underped” in the future.
    So DON’T PANIC! :P” Good Night and Thank You.

  • Anonymous

    Big Mac couldn’t have said it better.