You either love it or hate it. Unfortunately for you, I’ve been enjoying these animated shorts, though from Max’s Celestia Radio interview, there might come a time when the last few won’t get posted (from the sounds of things, by the end of the series, it’ll have gone off the deep end).

  • Fir3Chi3f

    Wait, the series isn’t off the deep end yet? How far are they pushing this massacre?

    • It went off a cliff compared to, but no, from the interview on Celestia Radio, sounds like the journey of the .MOV series will end up somewhere in the 7th layer of hell. If I remember correctly, its the Pinkie episode that everyone will need to watch out for.

  • Iodine

    Zombie Rainbow Dash? This might get interesting. You can see a worm sticking out of her head in the silhouette on Hotdiggity’s YouTube.

  • Anonymous

    So uh, why does everyone hates the .mov series now?