Episode 46 – Friendship is Horseland

Dear Princess Celestia,

Ugh, working through my lunch to write you this. Okay, So Chef was out so I was able to wrangle together a host of awesome friends. Returning Champion Pixelkitties served as my ch-host while Jenny and Griffin of Friendship is Witchcraft sat in the virtual guest chairs. We chat a lot about why they both are fantastic trolls, fandom naming striking again, the making of a web series like FiW, and a Spike Episode. And then things get real brutal towards the end. Anyway, starving. a sandwich calls for me! NOM!

Apple Cider

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Episode Review: Dragon Quest

Hello everyone! This week on EFR, Final Draft, Crescendo, and Nash review the latest episode of Season 2 “Dragon Quest.” Be sure to check it out!


EverFree Radio

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  1. derpymaths says:

    heh i love the sfweekly reviewer’s ‘derpywatch’. that was a good read.