Stereo Hearts by Half-Pint-Hero

Stereo Hearts by Half-Pint-Hero


We already announced the upcoming Seeds of Kindness fundraiser in January, but the charity activists still need your help. Below, an important message from Bronies for Good.

You make music? We need you!

Central to our upcoming Bronies for Good fundraiser Seeds of Kindness is a brand new, exclusive, and eponymous My Little Remix album. (Isn’t it amazing how there’s “pony” in “eponymous”?) Much like with our $26,000-strong Smile! fundraiser, this album will be a gift and a thank you to everyone you donates and thereby contributes to improving the quality of life and even saving the lives of countless Ugandans and Burundians.

To turn this album into something truly outstanding, My Little Remix still needs more music! The deadline is still almost a month away, and every genre is welcome, so if you’re good with music, join in and give it your best shot: This will save lives!

To join the album team, you only have to head over to My Little Remix and sign up by clicking “Participate” on the event page. Once your entry is complete, upload it to a one-click hoster (but not anywhere public, since it’s an exclusive present for our donors) and choose “Submit” on the event page. The due date is March 8, 2012. Thank you!

  • Submissions need to be unpublished, original (no covers or remixes), and cannot use samples from the show, mostly for legal reasons.
  • Pony and non-pony music are equally welcome.
  • Every genre is welcome, and we are hoping to get a wide musical diversity.
  • The album name and theme, Seeds of Kindness, is only a suggestion, a possible inspiration for your song. As long as your submission is not downright grimdark, angry, depressing, or NSFW, it should fit in just right!
  • If at all possible, please use Box to upload your tracks.
  • If your song includes vocals, please put lyrics in your download link.
  • During sign-up, you will find a YouTube field. Please fill in any address you would like to be credited with, be it your YouTube channel, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, or website.
  • You are very welcome to upload previews around release date, but please refrain from publishing your full track. This is a thank you for charity and generosity, one that has the power to save lives, so we have to make it as meaningful as we can!

Apart from music for the album, we also welcome any other kind of prizes you have to offer—vouchers for art commissions, plushies, custom stories, Steam gifts, or anything else you can think of. Please contact us directly at broniesforgood at gmail dot com. Thank you!

The Seeds of Kindness fundraiser aims to fund two major projects of the nonprofit Your Siblings: The first $10,000 raised will go to a clinic in Uganda. Then, subsequent donations will benefit the Green Village project in Burundi. Your Siblings covers travel and personal costs as well as money transfer fees independently from donations, so that the money raised will be used exclusively to fund both projects.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with Bronies for Good or My Little Remix directly.