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  • Everfree Northwest: Cut-Off Reminders
  • Everfree Northwest: Writing Track
  • European Pony Convention Union: Buy A Pony Week

Everfree Northwest: Cut-Off Reminders

Everfree Northwest is coming up soon (July 5th-7th), and we want to remind everyone of the following cut-offs coming next week for both pre-registration and the PMV contest.

Everfree Northwest Pre-Registration Ending June 15th

Pre-Registration for Everfree Northwest 2013 ends in one week, on June 15th! After that, badges may only be bought at the door for $55, so visit our Registration page and buy now! Remember, creating a badge on our website does not guarantee entry to the convention until it has been paid for. Also, we have already sold over half of our Supporter Badges and have a limited supply of Patron Badges; be sure to pick one up before they run out! A Patron Badge gets you a full pass into the convention plus an exclusive T-shirt. A Supporter Badge will get you the perks of a Patron Badge, plus three autograph vouchers for Everfree guests, a specially-drawn, limited edition print, access to our exclusive Supporter Lounge, and priority positioning in event and autograph lines. To upgrade your already-purchased badge to a Patron or Supporter Badge, email registration@everfreenw.com with the subject “Supporter Upgrade”. Include your account username, real name, and PayPal email address. We’ll locate your badge and send an invoice for the price difference. If available, you can still upgrade your membership to a Patron or Sponsor Badge after the deadline as long as you have already purchased a badge.

PMV Contest Deadline June 16th

Do you make PMVs, Pony Videos, and/or pony animations? Do you want to see your creation shine on the Everfree Northwest stage? Your opportunity to share your PMVs with the Pacific Northwest is sadly soon coming to a close. The submission deadline for the Everfree Northwest Pony Music Video and Pony Movie Video contest is next week, June 16th. Be sure to submit your PMV while you still can. Don’t have time to make a new PMV in a week’s time? No problem! The EFNW PMV contest accepts entries from as far back as February 3rd, 2013. If you didn’t post your video online before that point, it could still be eligible for the contest. Those who win in one of our two categories will receive fabulous prizes, such as a free badge for Everfree Northwest 2014 for first place and more.

Below is a comprehensive primer of the contest guidelines. A complete guide of the official PMV contest rules can be found here. Submissions and questions can be sent to pmvcontest@everfreenw.com.


• Pony Music Video

• Non-music Pony Movie Video

What you should know:

• PMV submissions must be received no later than June 16th, 2013.

• As a family-friendly convention, all submissions should rate no higher than a PG in the MPAA film rating system.

• The content of the PMV should be relevant to the convention’s My Little Pony theme.

• Music videos should try and be between two (2) and six (6) minutes in length and movie videos should try and be between one (1) and six (6) minutes in length.

• A previously released PMV must have been come out after February 3rd, 2013 to be eligible to enter.

• Entrants 17 and under must submit their entry using a parent’s or legal guardian’s email as a proxy.

Submitting Guidelines and Submission Forum:

Videos will only be accepted electronically in the following format and only one PMV submission per email. Submit your PMV to the email pmvcontest@everfreenw.com. Each email must contain the following information:

• Email subject line: PMV <Your Name>

• Full legal name

• Nickname/Studio Name (if applicable)

• PMV Title

• PMV Category

• Email Address

• Song title(s) and artist(s) (Music Videos only)

• Audio title(s) and/or source (Movie Videos only)

• YouTube video link AND/OR a download link. If submitting via download link, consider a service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Filezilla or other similar service that allows large file sharing.

• Will you be attending Everfree Northwest?

The above information must be received before your entry will be considered.

Video Format and Resolution:

All submissions must meet the minimum standards for video quality (applies to both download link and YouTube link submissions):

• Minimum video resolution of 640×480 (720×480 4:3 anamorphic).

• Minimum frame rate of 23.976 (24p) FPS (frames per second).

• Accepted video formats:

◦ MPEG: Mpeg2 codec (MPEG1 Layer 2 audio or AC3 audio)

◦ AVI: Uncompressed, DiviX/Xvid,

◦ MP4: H.264 video compression

◦ MKV: H.264 video compression

High definition PMVs are acceptable, but may be downscaled for contest viewing.


Videos that do not adhere to the established rules will not be considered for the contest. Attempts to contact a disqualified entry’s creator in order to resolve the issue will be made.

Remember to keep an eye on all of Everfree Northwest’s news and announcements by following us on our website, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. We have some exciting news coming up you don’t want to miss out on!

Everfree Northwest: Writing Track


For 2013, Everfree Northwest is proud to be the literary hub of the pony convention circuit! Come and join our all-star cast of fan authors, editors, and pre-readers and share in the magic of the written word. What better way to celebrate the high-quality writing of Friendship is Magic than with an in-depth study of how to make your writing the best that it can be?

Everfree Northwest has over a dozen various panels and events all related to writing, authors, and fanfiction at this year’s convention. Every year, our writing track lead Silver Quill assembles a suite of fan panelists to talk about plot, character development, setting, literary merit, and advanced literary techniques to help turn your stories into art. Fancy yourself a writer? Then come participate in our two-part Iron Author competition and see if you’ve got what it takes to turn out two thousand words in two hours! We’ve also got experts to talk about what it takes to hit the FIMFiction Feature Box, and a bank of pre-readers from Equestria Daily to talk about what they’re looking for in a good story. Come and see an early screening of the MLP Fan Fiction Documentary, followed by a Q&A where you can provide direct feedback on the project. Or if you just want to hang out with your favorite fan fiction authors, join us for the authors and fans chill out event and relax with your favorite wordsmiths..

This year, our line-up of fan talent includes:

Silver Quill: Silver Quill wrote her first novella at age eight and hasn’t stopped writing since. In addition to her pony fic, she’s the author of three novels and has published a number of short stories as well. When not making words happen, she can usually be found at some convention or another talking about making words happen with others.

Pen Stroke: Over his two years as an author for the fandom, Pen Stroke has written over a dozen stories for the MLP community. With his body of work including popular stories such as “Past Sins,” “Better Living Through Science and Ponies,” “Haunting Nightmare,” and the “Moonshine Series,” he has earned his place as the most watched author on FIMFiction.net.

PK: The man. The mystery. Just who this is mysterious man? Well, now’s your chance to find out: PK, whose name does not in fact stand for anything, is the author of “Antipodes,” “Lodestone,” and is Equestria Daily’s pet and its on-again off-again stuff-writer.

Couch Crusader : CouchCrusader, in his own words, is the product of a cosmic belch and existential confusion horrified into being. He won his name in 2011 over eighty-seven non-consecutive days of summer sofa surfing. Semi-victorious, he is a pre-reader and part-time columnist for Equestria Daily and is best known for writing “Wingmares” and “Via Equestria.”

Seattle Lite: Seattle enjoys stalking bad OCs by moonlight and appearing directly behind you. He’s a triple threat, the author of such fics as “Moving On “and “Divergence,” Equestria Daily pre-reader team, and FIMFiction mod all rolled into one cool package.

Horizon: Horizon is a fanfic author best known for the Equestria Daily/Vault-featured story “Fugue State” – a romance about mind control and musical numbers. Returning attendees might also recall “No Regrets” from the 2012 conbook. With decades of writing and professional editing experience, his panels are sure to be informative! He lives (with cats, of course… you can’t be a famous author without cats) in a strange land whose name ends in “-ia”.

Piquo Pie: Piquo Pie is a pre-reader for stories such as “Cry for Eternity” and “Under A Luminous Sky” and the author of several fics of his own, most notably comedies such as “And Then Rainbow Dash Was a Colt, and Ten Other Really Awkward Stories” as well as “T, the Tiniest Troll” which was recently translated into Russian. He is also working on the MLP Fan Fiction Documentary 2013 which will take a look at 6 individuals from the MLP Fan Fiction community and will tell their individual stories about being a fanfiction author.

Meeester: An avid proofreader and pre-reader for an extensive list of authors, Meeester has worked with authors on stories across the entire spectrum of tags and categories and loved every one of them. He also helps authors as a Story Approver/Mod on FimFiction.net, where he is one of a select few users who approve or fail the over 2000 stories submitted to FimFic each month.

Skywriter: Skywriter is otherwise known as author and cartoon scriptwriter Jeffrey C. Wells. He is best known in Pony circles for his short stories “Princess Celestia Hates Tea,” “How to Remove a Unicorn Tooth,” and “Derplicity,” as well as the episodic novel “Contraptionology!” He finds that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has expanded both his artistic and friendship horizons, but would just like to point out that he was into rainbows and unicorns before they were cool.

S. R. Foxley: A recovering work-a-holic with a foxy personality, S.R. Foxley has been writing stories here and there for over a decade. He is best known as the author of “Excerpts from a Filthy Diary.”

totallynotabrony: Totallynotabrony began his pony career with the story “Battleships are Magic.” Fueled by a 2000-word-per-day writing habit, he has since followed up with more than sixty stories including military dramas, crack comedies, horror, and awkward human inserts. His favorite character is vampire Cheerilee.

Keep up to date on all of Everfree Northwest’s news and announcements by following us on our website, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. And don’t forget, con pre-registration ends on June 15th. Badges can still be purchased here.

European Pony Convention Union: Buy A Pony Week


Good day dearest pony fans of all ages!

Summer is upon us once again, bringing with it clear azure blue skies and plentiful warm sunshine. Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, is also right around the corner.

The European Pony Convention Union is celebrating the fact by launching a special surprise event! The entire week surounding this year’s Summer Solstice has been declared a Summer Sun Celebration, which will go on from June 17th to 23rd 2013.

If you decide to participate in the event, you may be one of the lucky three to be given a special convention ticket to one of the following conventions:

A BIZAAM Ticket to GalaCon

A Fancy Ticket to BronyDays

A Gold Sponsor Ticket to Crystal Fair

All of these tickets are highly valuable upper tier sponsor level tickets, which include many special perks. How you use the ticket is up to you, a perfect gift for a friend or a great way to spend a weekend among fellow fans.

Participating in our Summer Sun Celebration is easy. You merely need to follow these simple instructions:

1. Buy an official brushable/ toy set/ dress-up My Little Pony product between June 17th and June 23rd.

2. Take a photo of your purchase AND the receipt. Make sure that the receipt’s text is clearly readable in your photo.

3. Upload your photo into the gallery section on www.EuroBronies.org before the 30th of June 2013. Please note that you will need to create an account on the forum in order to upload the photo.

4. Wait until the lucky winners are announced.


Please keep in mind, that only entries from the Eurovision area can participate.

Pony on!

All EPCU teams