BUCK- The Brony UK Convention (The first ever Brony convention in the United Kingdom)
Date: Saturday 18th – Sunday 19th August 2012
Venue: The Bridgwater Hall, Manchester
Guests of honour:
  • Rainbowcrash88
  • WoodenToaster
  • General Mumble
  • InterrobangPie
  • Equestria Music
Website: bronyuk.org
Twitter: @bronyukcon

3 comments on “Conventions: BUCK- The Brony UK Convention

  1. Nep says:

    I thought we didn’t advertise meetups here?

    • DerpySquad says:

      Ehehe, yeah we don’t, and I know that someone will argue that. I do have guidelines on what is and isn’t a convention, these guys passed, and I’ve personally spoken to them (and every other convention I’ve posted here). In general this is probably the last one, cause the world already has enough pony conventions going on, more than there needs to be. The US literally has two on each coast now, UK now has one, Germany has one. I think we’re pretty well covered. All of them are working on getting show guests, its just Hasbro processes slow like a Commodore 64. And well aware of people who don’t care either way, my only message is prepare yourself for the tsunami of spaghetti this summer.

  2. Hoppip says:

    Shouldn’t it be called BCUK?