by Semehammer

So the MAD cartoon on Cartoon Network finally got into the game and picked up on the craze. By pitting them against the cast of Cowboys vs. Aliens. I watched that movie after Otakon was over in Baltimore with some friends, I got what I went there to see.

So spazz picked up on this one last night from some comments all over the place and hoppip sent us the youtube clip. Yep those are the ponies alright. Seems like they were just looking for an excuse to put them in an episode because they weren’t getting bashed. Unless the bracelet thing was supposed to be it? Anyways it’s behind the break.

Bonus: From the same episode, this one has a Rainbow Dash cameo in it, I think. -Spazz
  • nh4no3

    >Rarity's cutie mark

  • DerpySquad

    >Mad TV
    >Lowest rated show on Cartoon Network

    I never expect much from this show.

  • Claire Anne Carr

    MAD TV needs more Ponies

  • Spazz

    only because i'm seeing this everywhere

    MAD ≠ MADtv

  • 21shootingstar -★-

    it's not the first time someone uses my little pony just to get some fame. MAD is always using others fame, but they are totaly using my little pony because right now is like the hot stuff from the internet. obviously MAD will never get as famous as my little pony and even if it did their fanbase will never be as awesome as bronies.

    ^^ the pony flying on the ballon has a pretty cool design and I want one of those my little pony bracelet, I totally want to shoot rainbows.