An anonymous user on Ponychan’s /merch/ board received a product brochure with their spa pony miniature collection and posted scans.

It includes pictures and basic information on Walkin’ Talkin’ Pinkie Pie, the “Design-a-pony ponies,” mane 6 tinsel singles, jewel play sets, fashion style pinkie pie, So Soft newborns Skyla and Apple Sprout, the new blind bag wave, Littlest Sof Soft Pinkie and Cottonbelle, action figure ponies, the 3 new miniature collections, and the double packs that include Cadence-mold Luna and brushable Whitelestia.

An important note is that these brochures are only made for wide-distribution toys. This seems to be pointing that Crystal Empire will be the next line of toys after Pony Wedding and will be sold at most retailers, including Hasbro’s site, and that only certain toys would be Target exclusives. It makes sense, considering how much merchandise we’ve seen so far for Crystal Empire. We also already know that the miniature collections are available at any store, and none of these toys in this brochure had the Target-exclusive labels on them.

The back of the brochure further plugs the Walkin’ Talkin’ Pinkie Pie toy.

We already know that the Crystal Empire is important for season 3 and is heavily featured in the 2-part series premiere. The wedding was the 2-part series 2 season finale and received its own widely-released toy set, so it only makes more sense that these toys will be widely released as well.

Still no word on who Skyla, Apple Sprout or Cottonbelle are.

[Source: Ponychan]