Those ponies with masks were up for preorder on Toywiz with a listed release date of March 23, though some people are getting them today, despite Hasbro saying they’re to hit shelves in fall 2013.

Above is the backcard for Sunset Shimmer. The blurbs read “Sunset Shimmer knows a magical path to faraway adventures! Years ago, she was also a student of Princess Celestia!” The second reads “The ponies wear beautiful masks to dress up for a special celebration!”

So it seems that these brushables are in stock over at Toywiz, though they’re not listed for sale anywhere else. Keep an eye out on your local stores to see if they make their way over.

[Source: EqD]

  • freddy

    I actually really like the idea of pony masks. I’ve seen a couple of pictures of Sunset Shimmer and I really like it!

    Aside from that, Sunset Shimmer – Twilight Sparkle – Luna – Princess Celestia – Cadance are the known alicorns. Luna is princess of the night, Celestia is of the day, Cadance is the princess of the Crystal Emipire, what are SS and TS’s princess-hoods? If it hadn’t been for Cadance I might guess it might be that TS and SS are princesses of more minor parts of the day, but Cadance doesn’t fit that model.

    Just thinking about it.

    • ender1200

      First, suset shimmer is a toy pony only and won’t appear in the show:
      Second if you look at the picture you can see that she is only a unicorn and not an alicorn.

      • Anonymous

        That must mean we’re getting ANOTHER obviously evil demigod leader villain.

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