So for those of you excited for this fall’s releases, here’s the pamphlet of (most) of it! I’ll go through each item and note what we know so far. Lots of info, so jump under the cut.

Princess Twilight Sparkle is ~$50. She’s huge, listed as 12″+. She has a lot of movement, sound, lights and sensors, so the price matches up well.

Fashion style ponies are ~$20. This set includes two new singles, Cadance and AliTwi. The plastic accessories can be “pegged” with the little plastic gems we’ve seen before.

Design-a-pony Luna is ~$15. Just like Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, this S1-looking Luna lets you color her with included markers. Some acetone (nail polish remover) will remove that “tatoos” and any other markings on her if you want to paint her yourself.

Singles are ~$5. They’re already out and available. They come with a pony and a party mask. Includes the mane 6 with Twilight swapped with Sunset Shimmer.

Princess Celebration Bakery will be ~$20. Posted about earlier today, comes with Mrs.Cake and a new filly.

Princess Celebration Cars will be about ~$25. Comes with standing rarity, princess mold AliTwi and a new bipedal Spike. The car pulls a throne for Twilight which you can also hook onto other vehicles. Make a huge parade!

Crystal Princess Palace is ~$30. It can hook onto the Pony Wedding castle. Comes with a unique mold of Twilight that’s only available in this set with flapping wings.

So Soft Tickle ‘N Gigglin’ Lily. Unknown price. New character who reacts to touch and plays laughing sounds.

Wave 8 Neon-bright blind bags,$2-5 depending on your local stores. Tons of unique molds in here.

Miniature collections are ~$8. Royal Surprise set has unique mold Chrysalis, alicorn mold Celestia and Twilight mold Twilight. Groovin’ Hooves set comes with Rarity mold Lyra Heartstrings, unique mold Octavia Melody and unique mold Lyrica Lilac. Pony Lesson set comes with Pinkie mold Cheerilee, unique mold Silver Spoon, unique mold Smarty Pants and unique mold Twist-a-loo.

Crystal motion ponies are ~$8. Fluttershy, Rarity and Pinkie Pie round out the bunch with this set of individual “action figures.” They come with a “crystal” comb this time, though, instead of a pet.

Littlest So Soft Lullaby Moon is about ~$10. She doesn’t seem to do much besides being a soft-bodied doll.

Princess and friends sets are about $12. There’s AliTwi+Rainbow Dash and Cadance+Applejack. The princesses are in the princess mold and come with a comb. The other two princesses have already been released.

All these toys are slated for fall 2013 release at all stores that stock MLP toys. The singles are already available and the princess two packs have been spotted in the wild, too.

  • Jody Morgan

    If anyone plans on getting the Princess Celebration Car and doesn’t care for Spike, I’ll give $6 for him.

    Octavia Melody? Could be worse, but Octavia Van Clef was probably my favorite of all the fan-created names. And then there’s Twist-a-loo, which actually I like quite a bit.

    • Shiek927

      She will forever be Octavia “Tavi” Philarmonica to me. “Octy” came before, but I never found it to be as endearing as “Tavi”.

      • Jody Morgan

        While I’m not really into the Octavia/Vinyl pairing, I can see “Octy” as the nickname Vinyl uses to needle Octavia.

  • Anonymous

    that blue luna who is nothing but cadance’s mold makes me angry , becasue it should be cadance, give luna HER OWN MOLD , you could stick hearts and diamonds on the cadance , that’d make much more sense

  • Carolina A Leo

    Octavia’s last name is like fitting a ring on a hoof.

    Is me or Ticklin’-N’-Gigglin’ Lily is a “Pinkie Pie Learns to Walk” Wannabe Filly toy?

    By judging by the releases: I’ll be getting the Princesses sets (Cadance is my fave Princess in the show and i’ll be upgrading Twilight to her Princess forme), Playful Pony Sun Shimmer and Ms Dazzle Cake & Twirly Treats’ Bakery set.

  • Bubblegum

    Why is poor Luna sky blue when she’s meant to be the Princess of the Night? The purple they made her before was probably more fitting! What is it with Hasbro and getting colours wrong (stares at at bunch of orange apples I received with an Applebloom toy…)