Customized Fashion Style Pinkie Pie Auction

Want to help a Mom keep a little girl?  You can go over here to the livejournal of their story and about “Save Mia”.  This submission was made by Wednesday who created the customized pony above, Pinkie Pie with actual Pinkie Pie hair!

Pictures of the prototype can be found here.

The Auction itself can be found here.

The general story is Jen and Mia are in a custody battle with Mia’s father and in general the whole thing involves domestic abuse.  Jen got a court assigned lawyer who of course cares nothing about doing a good job, and Jen was scared she would lose Mia to the father.  The internet community in general has helped her hire a real lawyer, and are helping her pay the fees.

Also under the auction section you can find a picture of the original toy, and what horror the hair really is.

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