Daily Dot: The Surprisingly Massive World of Brony Music

Music is definitely one of the main driving forces behind this community. From the very start it’s been at least one of three (art and videos being the others). Staff writer Lauren Rae Orsini over at the Daily Dot has written up an article about the whole music scene that goes on within our community, covering known names such as Acoustic Brony, The Living Tombstone, and Eurobeat Brony. I think Euro summed up best as to why the musician community is so large: It’s because they’re so welcoming to new members.

Ms. Orsini has written several articles about the community in the past, such as Dr. Patrick Edwards and Dr. Marsha Redden’s research in the Community, and of course touched on the subject of what we call Derpygate. So head on over to the Daily Dot.

The Surprisingly Massive World of Brony Music.

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