Applejack Offers You an Apple!
by ~Bakuel

We’ve posted multiple articles from writer Lauren Rae Orsini at the The Daily Dot. Today’s article talks about the changing face of the Brony Fandom, that basically fans have no problem dressing up and going out to conventions, beating the stereotypical view that fans in this fandom are nothing more then neckbearded basement dwellers. I mean yes, I’m sure we got plenty in stock, but in the end there are a fair share of different fans in this community, many who don’t consider themselves a brony, but just a fan.

The article itself follows John Leonhart aka Derpydash during a brony meetup at the Otaku Convention. Ironic considering last year Equestria Gaming’s former founder Strawberry Spice and our own retired editor Plaster were the ones running the show there last year. In general, not a bad article about one section of the fandom.

The Daily Dot: The Changing Face of Brony Fandom

[Source: Pixelkitties via Twitter]

  • filledwithsolutions

    Wait what, retired editor Plaster?
    When did this happen? This is still his site right?

    • Plaster exited the fandom roughly at the end of January, I’ve just recently dubbed him retired since he hasn’t been seen at “the office” for a good three months.

      As for this being his site, never was. He was my right hand man who was a major help in rebuilding the place after Season 1. I keep his ashes above the fireplace.

      • filledwithsolutions

        The more you know