Earlier today, Daniel Ingram, on his Facebook page, asked the community if there was anything he could do to help on the Massive Smile! Project, a “We Are The World”–style production revolving around the Pinkie Pie feature song of A Friend in Deed, the Smile Song.

This project will feature some of the best brony musicians in what is likely to be one of the most ambitious and rewarding community endeavors of the season. The project features other 14 artists, including Mic The Microphone and the Living Tombstone. The sale of this album, upon its release, will support the non-profit organization Your Siblings.

Check it out: Massive Smile! Project!

  • Medic_Starshine

    Wow, I failed at grammar on this one, but to be fair, I wrote it DURING the Royal Wedding.

  • How cool is it that Mr. Ingram wants to join in on this?