Daniel Ingram has issued a challenge!

In case you haven’t been following on the news regarding season 3 leaked songs, be sure to check these posts here for the YouTube versions of the songs Crystal Fair (with all of the mane six) and I Wasn’t Prepared for This (a duet between Spike and Twilight).

Anyway, Daniel Ingram has issued a proclamation (in the form of an inquisitive tweet) for covers, remixes, etc. of the leaked songs. And as per typical fashion for our wondrously diverse and talented musicians, the first of the re-imagined songs have already begun to surface! So in addition to helping alert any musicians out there to this honorable challenge that the illustrious Sir Ingram has issued, we here at DHN shall keep you updated on any new covers that are released. With that, here are some of the first confirmed covers!

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  • Failure Success

I wasn’t prepare for this (Punk Rock Cover) – Hergest Ridge (feat. Dreamhuk)



Failure Success / I Wasn’t Prepared (Full Cover) – Coconeru



  • Crystal Fair


Crystal Fair (Reggae cover) – Hergest Ridge feat. The BeatleBronies



MLP FiM: Season 3 song: Crystal Fair Colt Version



Crystal Ponies (Flaedr Remix)


As more of them pour in, we’ll be sure to update the list so that you can all get your fill of Brony artist covers!

  • Citrus Rain

    Going to listen to that punk rock one as soon as I get the chance! /)O.O(\