These new books are now available for you to pre-order! First is The Journal of the Two Sisters: The Official Chronicles of Celestia and Luna. 176 pages of the story of Celestia and Luna/Nightmare Moon, various friendship lessons written by the Mane 6, and room for you or your kids to write in their own lessons they’ve learned. The hardcover is currently $12.31 USD through Amazon. Plus it’s written by Amy Keating Rogers!

Next is The Daring Do Adventure Collection. 720 total pages written by, yes, A.K. Yearling. A treasure-chest shaped box contains three novels about Daring Do and comes with an exclusive Daring Do blind bag figure.

Of course, G.M. Berrow wrote the books, but Amazon’s author info for Yearling is fantastic.

A.K. Yearling’s adventure novels starring the fearless Daring Do have been recognized as the best-selling series in Equestria history. Yearling holds a degree in Literature from Pranceton University. After college, she briefly worked as a researcher at the National Archives for Equestrian Artifacts and Ponthropology in Canterlot. During that time, she wrote an essay based on her findings on the Griffon territories entitled “What was the Name of that Griffon Again? Or Beak and Roaming Studies Recalled.” It was published last year by the University of Equexeter’s journal, Pegasus. She enjoys quiet time at home alone and long trots on the beach.

The price is a bit steep at $58.37 USD for the hardcovers, but the list price is $75!

The Daring Do collection will be released on  October 7, with the Journal coming out on June 10.

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