Who won some money from that bet?


It’s time to start getting ready to watch it live! For those without the Hub on tv there are a couple streams from last season which will most likely be doing it again this time around. (if you guys can confirm or add more options, send an email to plaster@derpymail.com)

LIVE STREAMS LISTING (These will also be posted on top of the site for easier access)

If you can’t get into a live streaming of it, the new episode WILL be uploaded by multiple people and we will make a dedicated post to where you can get it within hours after the episode is done airing. Youtube or download.

If you’re the type who frowns upon that, the facebook page just announced that they will be hosting the episode a week later on HubWorld.com like they did last season. And they also offer it the next day on itunes.

I’ll keep updating this and putting the old ones behind the break! And I may be off by a couple hours. Deal with it.


And there’s Luna. Who wants to put money on Dash being the last one?
Trxie? Bah, where’s my Luna love?


Courtesy of Shipomaster

GO PACK GO! Spazz is a Saints fan, everyone point and laugh! Love ya buddy :3

By: Shipomaster
By: Shipomaster
  • Spazz


  • derpymaths

    woah, hold up a sec there bro. quit drinking? if anything now is the time to start drinking.

  • Anonymous

    agreed. just switch to vodka, less calories

  • derpymaths

    well im stoked. new ponies in 8 days and plaster seems to have revoked his anti-drinking rhetoric. well played, sir.

  • MarkTheCat

    Just gotta be patient.
    I guess I could do all my studying before and reward myself with ponyness. c:

  • nh4no3

    >Quit drinking
    You best be joking, zebra.

  • Shipomaster
  • plaster

    way ahead of you broster streudel!

  • Monix

    I'm marathoning Doctor Who while I wait.


  • Anonymous

    umm…. any idea how long a vid will be uploaded to Youtube? cuz i live halfway around the world from the US and there's no 'the Hub' here…

  • plaster

    im not sure how many people are going to be uploading the episode to the internet, but i can assure you that someone will have it up within 3 hours after the episode is done.

    Now that's just to be available as a download, it may take a little longer for it to be on youtube but i can only imagine how many people are going to be doing it this season.

  • DerpySquad

    Yeah, definitely unknown at this time, last year it took anywhere from 2 to 6 hours to get a Low Def version. There was a Low-Low Def version available for download usually an hour or so after the show, but I haven't seen Resistance (who recorded and uploaded the LLD) in ages.

    Pensive and other youtubers, it can take anywhere from 2 to 9 hours, depending on how Youtube was behaving. Sometimes the HD youtubers would get theirs up first, but either took about the same time frame.

    HD Download via Mentos usually took about 24 hours, and that depends on TrollHD, who makes the uncoded raw copies. If I remember, TrollHD wasn't even recording on the air-date towards the end of the season.

    Either way, just gotta keep your eye on this site, we make it our business to get those viewing links up asap.

  • Shipomaster

    Guys, I wouldn't worry, someone is definitely going to stream it live! I bet mr. yardovich will find someone to do it.

  • DerpySquad
  • Lethallin

    Didn't realize Discord's design was a secret. I've been seeing fanart of him for over a week.

    Sorry about that, then.

  • plaster

    eh, I didn't realize it was a big deal either I was trying to make it somewhat funny, so don't worry about it too much

  • derpymaths

    cant decide if im more excited about season2 or finding out which pony has #1 spot in shipomaster's countdown pics.

  • Shipomaster

    sorry… I was kinda rude. I just love to be surprised! (not an excuse for you to jump out in front of me and shout boo!)~thx btw derpy, you'll see! >=3

  • AntoReakk

    if the countdown is accurate, then I should be watching through a stream at 9PM this saturday from mah country. XD

  • Shipomaster

    Lol, you totally called that! I'll try to make one more. Though I'm gonna be busy. (I want high quality on this next one…)

  • Ic3yStar

    1 day!!