DCS Animation: Epic Beignet Time

Beignet by Pitafish

     This past weekend, the following animation debuted at DerpyCon South in New Orleans (where there were more Beignets than Derpies). It features the con’s aptly-named mascot (along with Bubble Berry) in an Epic Meal Time parody in which the ultimate beignet is confected. Animation by ShadesofEverfree. Voices by Prentice Osborn (Beignet) and FoxWing Mabon-Tail (Bubble Berry).

This was an animation that me and the other panelists showcased at derpycon south. credit links will be uploaded soon.
beignet(Prentice Osborn): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-GJ…

Bubble Berry(FoxWing Mabon-Tail):http://www.youtube.com/user/wildfox1989

Epic theme song music by Silver Orchestra.

Video embedded after the break.

  • larry

    Funny and I like the animation. Good job.