Now we know why she’s $50! YouTube wouldn’t embed, so check the source for the video!

She talks, moves her head around, lights up her horn and wings, sings, has a motion sensor around her wings, lights up her horn when you move near it, “flies” when you roll the wheels in her feet and blinks her eyes.

Her voice isn’t Tara Strong, but it’s still really cool!

Video by Stitch Kingdom.

  • If I ever said anything uncomplimentary about the old Twilight Sparkle Animated Storyteller, currently perched at this desk, it is herewith retracted in full.

  • Anonymous

    I bet that song’s in the ep.

    • Oh, it totally is. “Love is in Bloom” was in the Cadence/Cadance toy.

  • Pendejo

    I am so buying one of these.