I think I fixed it, but since I don’t frequent the place too often (and even then I do it incognito), you users of DerpyChat can tell me if its running. Seems a touch sluggish. In short I upgraded the system to the newest version (6.21 to 6.22) and it seemed to have cleared up at least what I saw last night. You be the judge.

  • VioletYoshi

    Thank you. In the future you should try to keep up to date with updates, as many ponies update their browsers and then they don't work with the dated versions of things like browsers. I appreciate your solving the problem, everything works now. :D

  • VioletYoshi

    The same problems are happening all over again.

  • Michael

    Derpychat's gonna derp. But I still love it <3 thanks for the help, admin. Things got a little derpier since Apple Bloom started adding smileys, but its cooled down a bit. The mane problem is ponies getting timed out.

  • Anonymous

    please keep derpychat online during 2015