Derpy News Starts a Patreon Campaign

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Starting today, Derpy News is teaming up with the website Patreon in order to support the website! Patreon is a service which allows content creators to be financially supported by their consumers and fans, based on the amount of content the creator makes. Here are some answers to some questions you may have:


Why Patreon? Why now?

Traditionally, Derpy News has been funded primarily out of the pockets of the staff running the website. The few ads we run on the site cover some of it, but not enough to keep us out of debt. Patreon is a relativly new concept, and we believe it will be able to give us a consistent enough revenue source to pay our bills (and possibly our staff), in a way that is very non-intrusive to the viewer and that prevents the creation of conflicts of interest in our reporting.

Does this mean I will be charged for reading Derpy News now?

Absolutely not. Content on the website will remain free. Patreon simply introduces a way for our readers to support the content that they enjoy seeing.

How does Patreon work?

After creating a Patreon account, patrons pledge a certain amount of money based on how many products the creator makes. Creators have the option of giving their patrons special rewards for doing so.

What will Derpy News be creating?

The product that Derpy News is creating is our news articles and editorial content.

Derpy News creates a lot of articles! I don’t want to pay that much!

You don’t have to. When pledging money on Patreon, you can set a limit of how much funding you wish to give over a particular month. That way you are only paying what you want to pay, and not more.

What will I get as a reward for supporting DN?

Regular and observant readers may have noticed we have a “supporters” tab at the top of our page now. If you donate one dollar per article to DN, your name (or the name of your choice) will be added to our supporter’s page. More rewards may be in the future, but until we can gather more support, this is what we will be offering.


You can support DN at their Patreon page here. If you have more questions about Patreon, you can find answers to them here. To all our readers at DN, patrons and non-patrons alike, thank you for reading and helping DN! We truly appreciate it. Please use the comments section of this article for any questions or feedback!

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