Derpy Shot First - by; Equestria-Prevails

Kreoss is an animator on the show, he put out a message on his dA explaining some of what’s happening right now.

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It seems there has been alot of buzz about Derpy being “fixed”. I saw the New version of Derpy in “The Last Round-Up” and I do admit it didn’t settle well with me. I still enjoyed the original. I didn’t like the reason why they had her change. It didn’t seem at all offensive in my opinion. When I first saw the scene in the animatic, I literally burst with joy. But I had a feeling that it might not settle with some fans and some people. Especially since people already have their own version of Derpy and people might get the wrong idea of her character.

Its not often that cartoons show fan content. Cause sometimes when you include Fan content, it usually can result to something negative (to fans or to others). And sometimes it also endangers the identity/essence of the show. Or if people like it, they will probably expect a lot more.To the point they might expect TOO much. So you could imagine my surprise when they decided to name Derpy and give her a voice.

Derpy has became more than just some fancy Easter egg in the show. She’s became an Icon, a symbol to the fans of MLP:FIM. Though Derpy was created in a studio, her character was created by the fans.  You can probably say that she represents all Bronies everywhere. Fans have enjoyed Derpy whenever they see her in the background until the point when she talked. The entire studio loves her as well. I was there in one of those Livestream chatrooms when people first heard her talk. It was quite entertaining how happy people were. So its no surprise to see people get really upset by this.

In a way, I understand why majority of fans are upset but blaming, pointing fingers and throwing hate around is not the way to do this. You’re forgetting your own motto “Love and Tolerance”. You bronies are one of inspiration and our greatest achievement. Don’t sully your name by spreading Hate and intolerance. Remember, Tolerance is not the same as acceptance. If you are upset with something, display it in a more positive way. You’ll get your message across much better than lashing it out with hate. Show some respect. Show some humility.

Oh I also want to address on a artist name Yamino. I’ve heard that she has been garnered a lot of hate by the Brony Community due to her not liking Derpy’s portrayal. Let it be known, that she had NOTHING to do with the sudden change. She expressed an opinion on Derpy. That is all. She did not ask me to do this or anyone on the staff. I had to say this because the hate she’s been receiving is unnecessary. So leave her be.

Also don’t spam notes and messages to the people who work on the show. You’re probably not going to get much out of it.

On the issue on Derpy whether she’ll have the same Derp face expression and stuff. As an animator of the show, rest assured, she’ll be fine. The show will still go on and I hope you will continue to support the show. Though Derpy is a great character, she is not essentially the reason why the show is awesome (though she is one of the Reasons). If Derpy never existed on that fateful scene in the first episode, would MLP be a bad show? Remember MLP is a great show because for what it is. I didn’t know about Derpy until someone from the Studio pointed it out. I hope you’ll still enjoy the show no matter what happens.

I hope this message will ease some of your minds. Thank you.


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  • Well, someone had to say it….no one likes the change but the Suits, they have to play safe or else so that’s the deal.

  • Supertide

    >You’re forgetting your own motto “Love and Tolerance”.

    Too bad this happened because of those who spout this motto like it’s a holy mantra.
    I’m so sick of the fandom. I’ve been trying to avoid it as much as possible, I do not post/post on pony related imageboards/forums apart from DerpyHoovesNews, yet I still have to suffer from the stupidity of fans because now they spread their retarded drama onto the show itself.
    I hate when a minority of people can screw with the majority just by simply whining.

  • Green45

    Wow, well, remind me to skip any episode with “Derpy” in it from now on. The new voice is goddamn horrendous and the old one was great.

  • What would be great is if the people actually working on the show didn’t have to stick their own necks out.

    Kreoss is pulling a risk by telling us anything, and they’re doing it to cover Hasbro’s ass.

    What would help prevent most shit storms and spammed inboxes is if Hasbro actually talked about things, rather then just doing.

    • Supertide

      I agree.
      Hasbro is such a flip-flop.
      First Derpy merch disappears from WeLoveFine then it comes back.
      Then the episode is pulled from itunes but the DvD and the Hub version remain unaltered.
      Now they censored the itunes episode.

      no one really knows exactly why they are doing this.

      Why can’t they just make an official statement clearing everything up so we can put an end to this charade?

    • Daniel G.

      Very unfortunate. Obviously, we shouldn’t spread any hate mail or anything like that, but I am definitely disappointed.

  • Anonymous

    I am personally hoping beyond hope that this is Apple’s fault. Meaning, Apple got some complaints through iTunes and they contacted Hasbro about it, and Hasbro agreed to change it only to appease Apple, meaning that only the iTunes version will be affected.

    So far the DVD (at least the initial run) is confirmed to be unaltered. Lets hope if the episode ever appears on the Hub website or the official MLP site, or if it ever reruns on the Hub, that it will be the original version.

    Though i doubt it.

    But for anyone who’s bought the DVD, you may want to consider leaving it unopened! It could become a valuable collector’s item if future pressings of the DVD contained the altered scene!

    Anyways, this has been a shitty day.

  • Bryce

    “On the issue on Derpy whether she’ll have the same Derp face expression and stuff. As an animator of the show, rest assured, she’ll be fine.”

    Cool, thats all I really care about. I liked the scene with her speaking and having her actually named was cool, but as long as she isn’t being cut out of the show I’m happy.

    • Anonymous

      While that is reassuring, remember that we had be told MULTIPLE TIMES “not to worry” and “she’ll be fine” and “stop worrying about Derpy” ever since the episode was removed from iTunes. And, it turns out our fears were justified. So I’m personally inclined to take all of these “don’t worry” posts by people working on the show with a grain of salt. Things could still be changed outside of their control.

      That said, everything else Kreoss said is spot on.

    • TheLoneLampman

      Good thing they won’t mess with Derpy’s eyes.. I mean, ya know, besides this one episode that they completely DID mess with Derpy’s eyes.

      We’re nowhere closer to safe now than before. All we can do is wait and see if they pull more of this kind of stuff.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what’s the staff’s opinion about this.
    This how these people thanked them for all those nods.
    They gave us what we wanted and this is what they got: a big “f***k you”.
    If I was in Jayson Thiessen’s place I would give Rainbow Dash a boyfriend in season 3 just to retaliate.

    • Green45

      Why would the staff have any anger towards the fans…? They gave us those nods, and we’re angry with HASBRO for taking away those nods, not with the creators of MLP. If anyone dislikes this guy it’s because he’s just spouting the company line instead of understanding that this pisses some people off.

  • Anonymous

    As long as they don’t mess with derpy’s eyes in past and future episodes, I’ll be a happy pony.

  • Supertide

    Remember this article?

    See, this is what’s happening right now.
    If Derpy was pulled Zecora could be pulled as well, she’s hella offensive if you are a super-sensitive c**nt.

  • DWraith23