Derpy Spotting: Ace Pilot

Bonbon potato - by: Discocommunicator

A new flash game produced by a team of highly talented folks; Ace Pilot over on Newgrounds features animation from a former Cartoon Network animator, voice acting from Egoraptor (and a couple others),  Directed by our very own Poetical and playtested by yours truly. Of course those are just a couple of the amazing folks that had a hand in this game. While I was playing this, poetical told me that he and one of the producers snuck a Derpy easter egg in there somewhere. I found it myself, now its your turn!

(no, this isn’t blatant advertising at all! besides, I’m not getting paid for it and it’s actually quite well done.)

ONE MORE THING. Whoops, forgot to mention that this game is not safe for individuals at work or around parents. So NSFW!

Check it out on Newgrounds

  • Anonymous

    OMG No matter how long I look I cannot find the derpy.

    • plaster

      I’ll give you a hint, she’s really small, so you have to get shut down by the enemy in a really easy level