Flyer Captains and Fan Concerts

Ms Anneli Heed who plays Swedish Spitfire is coming down to DerpyCon
South, and she’ll be singing on stage with fan musicians!

Anneli Heed is a Swedish stand up comedian, impersonator, and voice actor.
She’s done quite a bit of animation voice over work in Sweden. In My
Little Pony Friendship is Magic, she plays (among others):

  • Cheerilee
  • Photo Finish
  • Spike
  • Spitfire
  • Rainbow Dash (singing voice)

Friday evening, right after Opening Ceremonies (which actually will not be
the first event), we’ll be having our Fan Concert. We’d like to invite
musicians from the fandom to come down and play their songs for our
attendees either Fri night for the acoustic part or Sat night for the
electronic part. Send an email to if you’re
interested in registering for a set. Please include: equipment you
have/need, how long of a set you want, and a link to your music.

As it turn out, Ms Heed has agreed to sing some fan songs with the
musicians that wrote them. She’s picked out a few herself, but we’re also
holding a contest to give a fan musician an opportunity to play with her.
All you have to do is write a brand new song about Spitfire in first
person (essentially so it has a vocal part for her). It can be any style,
genre, or vocal range as longs as the lyrics stay PG and the length stay
under 5 minutes. The song can be hosted anywhere as long as it can be
played from the site. The winner will be selected by Ms Heed herself, and
the prize is debuting the song with her live right after the opening
ceremonies (you will get the change to rehearse it with her beforehand),
DCS will also provide you with travel, lodging, and registration to the
convention. You have until June 30th at 11:59pm CDT to send links to your
entries to

We will also be opening up panel submissions. If you have an idea for a
panel at DCS, please send an email with all the relevant information to

We also need quite a few volunteers. If you’re interested in helping out,
send an email to Phew! We hope to see you in

Also Bonbon! Find the animated video promo after the break.

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