We wish to announce that we will be changing our domain name, moving from to our new address at  Nothing needs to be done from the user/viewer end.  The switch will be conducted at 12am (EST) midnight tonight.  During the time of the switch, the DH domain will be forwarded directly to our news blog.  Afterwards, will redirect all traffic to DerpyHoovesNews.  We guestimate this switch will take an hour or less, since we are not changing servers or accounts (just the domain).
Reason for the change?  We’ve had many people tell us the domain name is a little confusing, as many suspect the site is a fan site for Derpy, rather than a news oriented site for MLP:FiM.  Truthfully the original intent of this site was a fan site dedicated to Derpy Hooves, but quickly evolved into what we are today.
Also on the subject of confusing, we are also working on combining the news blog with the main site, putting our dual domain system ( / to rest.
After some time passes, we do plan on turning the into a site totally dedicated to our favorite grey pegasus.
– DerpySquad


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    sounds gud.

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    I'm liking this idea.

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    awwww I liked :(