Singin' on the bus to Ponyville by =theartrix

Midnight on the East Coast USA, time to restart those printing presses.

And now, for something not news related (boring site stuff).

We are currently revamping the sub-sections of the site, since most of them had become very dusty over the past 6+ months. Most recent change was in the last 24 hours, the addition of a ‘link’ section and many of the link folders from the front page have been relocated to this section (to unclog the front page some). The art section I have no clue right now, so much art is published and that gallery hasn’t been updated since the start of Summer 2011 (I might just take what is there and place it in a new system, its turned into a window of artwork from the early days). Media section, no clue.

But the gaming section is up next, and what I want from you is to know what games would you like to appear in Derpy’s Arcade. I do see people playing games and such, and right now its some of the original creations in the fandom, and there has been so many new single player games over the past 6 months. Need a list? Equestria Gaming covers the playable ones. Leave your choices in the comments, if I get a ton, we’ll vote on it.

So have at it.

  • plaster

    just link the art section to my dA favorites.

    It’s probably as complete of a SFW gallery as you can get