Derpy’s New Voice

The Last Roundup was re-uploaded to iTunes today and they changed Derpy’s voice and removed her name and “un-derped” her eyes.

The thing is, right now. We don’t know who is responsible for this. Don’t start setting things ablaze on a witchhunt, please.

EFR linked us this. For those looking for a petition.

R. Derp linked us to this petition as well.

At least we all know the true glory, also I’m totally having a deja-vu moment with this post…
Forgot to thank GumballCrash for sending this our way

Well folks, I smelled a troll but this has been confirmed by multiple sources now, our own Fadflamer downloaded the SD & HD versions from iTunes, and several people of the #irchighway gang also downloaded it. It has indeed been changed.

Also, do not hate on Studio B, those people had nothing to do with it. Its the fat old suits sitting at Hasbro HQ who have done this, turn Dungeons & Dragons into Warcraft 2.0 and raping your Magic: The Gathering cards this year with “double sided” cards that will change the entire game.

Derpysquad, calm yo tits bro


[03/02/2012] : Comment Section is now closed. There is a central page for DerpyGate located here.

  • Anonymous

    I am sad they removed her name…. but I kind of like this voice a lot better than the other one

  • Spazz

  • FYI I am checking into this, its a random email from a random youtube account. We are currently getting the itunes episode and checking, cause I smell a troll. Plus the itunes has been out for multiple days, I think someone would have downloaded it just to see.

    • And confirmed by multiple sources.

      • Pogiforce

        One thing I should say that I think is important on this topic is that I have a season pass on Season 2, letting me get them downloaded instantly as soon as they are available. As such, I recieved the Last Roundup the week it was released. I just checked my files after hearing this news and have discovered that my version retains the features we know and love. My version is unchanged. Which leads me to believe that the changes apply only to new downloads, and not to existing files. They won’t replace your episode with this edit.

        • Remy

          Is there any way to find the high quality download of the original online?

  • Masky

    Please don’t let this be real :(

  • GumballCrash

    I expected a bit of the “troll” backlash but this is the honest-to-goodness iTunes episode that was once again made available today. I’m just as saddened and shocked as everyone else.

  • Noval

    It is real. They took out the name and rerecorded the voice.

  • Anonymous

    I just downloaded the episode. They did it. Those fucking bastards…

    • Anonymous

      *pats your back* I feel the same way bro

  • Damn it. I knew this wasn’t over.

  • PresentPerfect

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

    I’m glad they redid her voice, but I wish they’d just picked one of Tabitha’s lines and gone with that. I mean, out of the three or four voices she did for Derpy, at least one of them sounded good.

    Ugh, this sounds so fake though, like BDR just redubbed it or something.

  • Naem

    Look closer, they underped her eyes too.

  • Wilson

    They shouldn’t have removed her name, all it does is validate the arguments of people who said her name was offensive.

  • TheLoneLampman

    I’m at a loss for words. This is absolutely pathetic.

  • Unanimous

    I haven’t watched the video yet. Do I really want to, guys?

    • OBAMA


  • Anonymous

    I don’t see the problem at all! They made it infinitely more appropriate.

    When you have the physical characteristics that Derpy has, it’s wrong to find it funny or charming when you make mistakes or get hurt or have people get irritated with you. But with fixed eyes, and a new voice– it’s totally okay to find it funny or charming when you make mistakes, get hurt, or have people get irritated with you.

    Yep. All better now.

    • Anonymous

      Its for those reasons that everyone LOVED her, the more mistakes she makde, the more irritated people got with her, the more whatever else you said happens the more we LOVE her ! This is some sad stuff, Bring derpy back !

    • Kati

      You’re basically saying that people who look abnormal don’t look charming or cute when they make mistakes! Personally, every time my brother, who’s Autistic and loves Derpy I might add, makes a mistake, or does something clumsy like this, I laugh and think it’s just precious. Is it making fun of him, I don’t think so! It’s helped him appreciate things in life. Now if he makes a mistake, he laughs at himself and tries to fix it.

      I also had to watch my brother cry because they changed this.

      • jepoochy524

        @Kati and @Anon,

        You both may want to get your sarcasm detectors checked. The OP was clearly trying to point out how wrong this change is.

        • Kati

          It’s next to impossible to detect sarcasm on the internet. JS.

  • Mason

    Well this is disappointing :/

  • Anonymous

    Anon 14, what the hell. You’d better be a troll.

    • plaster

      i think it was sarcasm.
      i know, it’s difficult to tell over text. but it sounds like it to me

      • Anonymous

        I was the poster.

        And yeah. It was.

  • Joshua the Samurai

    This is not a “unfair” folks, an eight year old with terminal cancer is unfair. at worse this is annoying. However, keep in mind I-tunes has extremely stringent standards for distribution, and they bend to the slightest complaint from any kook. I’ve seen storyboard animators from Hasbro Studios wearing a Custom Derpy hoodie, she’s well loved there. Don’t go busting Hasbro’s chops until we know all the facts. This entire thing started by people going off half-cocked, let’s not show hostility to the people who provide us with a show a great as this one.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    Aside from anything else, the ep’s been out long enough for anyone who cares to have a copy. I wouldn’t mind having a second copy, since the re recorded voice is alright too, though having her simply be derpy with a new voice would have been far more appropriate.

  • WesWolf

    Is it too late to send in the save Derpy petition?

  • 8ftmetalhead

    Well that did have an effect, the derpy merch re appeared on WLF.
    This is probably hasbro’s balance between not pissing us off too much (they could have cut her scene entirely or something AND cut the merch if they’d wanted to) but by doing this it’s being diplomatic. She’s staying derpy for those who want her to be (she hasn’t been called anything else), and she’s not the retard pony that everyone got all up in their shits about.

  • Sgt. Rainbow Dash

    I don’t think I can love or tolerate this one, guys…
    but I have a quick question, the Last Roundup is on the dvd coming out, The Friendship Express… is there a chance this change was just on iTunes and iTunes only? that’d be ok then. ’cause if the original’s on the dvd… yeah…
    A man can dream though… a man can dream.

    • Joshua the Samurai

      The DVD has been shrinkwraped for months, and the advance copies sent to Equestria Daily, Animation Magazine and a few other reviews haven’t been altered. (had to make a call or two on this one LOL)

      • EqD didn’t get a free DVD, they got a press package email that was sent out to media outlets. We got the same thing here. But it is more likely true that the DVD is unedited, as you said, its been prepped and ready. At this point its sitting in the back rooms of the stores they will be sold at.

    • Xedina

      the one in the dvd is unedited last i heard its only itunes atm with this…. dub.

  • QD

    To be honest, I think it’s time to let it go. We live in a hyper-ideological society where political correctness is just one facet. That’s not going to change for a very long time.

    If you really feel the need to do something, well, it’s an election year. Find a real cause to fight for. Celestia knows there’s enough of them out there.

    Me, I’m more pissed there’ s no new episode this week.

    • Ha ha. Election. XD Because, those actually effect change right? I mean, I am just totally floored every year by all the change that happens when we get rid of the old tyrannical sociopaths and replace them with /new/ tyrannical sociopaths… oh wait, no I’m not, because 99% of them are all tyrannical sociopaths with the same agena. If they weren’t they wouldn’t be passing 8 new laws per person every year… on a state level, that’s not even touching federal.

      • Blargh, every few years even. This is what I get for typing at 15 minutes till 2AM.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    The initial run was stated not to be changed Sgt, however if there is a second run or a new modified run, then yeah it’ll be this one.

  • Dill

    This is why 15 yr olds shouldn’t be allowed to protest things they don’t understand. If you put a corporation in a legally tight situation, like being accused of discriminating against the disabled, there will be action taken for the corp. to protect themselves. Whoever protested should’ve seen this coming from a mile away, I did as soon as the hullaballo started.

  • Womba

    Yes, boys and girls, it’s time to once again send the message that while it’s okay to be different, it’s not okay to be TOO different, and that if you’re handicapped, you are not like everybody else; you should be invisible until it’s time to trot you out in front of the real people so that they can all learn a Very Special Lesson off of you, and then you’ll have to get back in your box so you don’t upset the normal people.

    • if this is true, they’re probably gonna edit out that weird Barking Pony in Read it and Weep :P

    • Anonymous

      This is exactly what I’ve been thinking the whole time. Exactly how is it less offensive to hide anyone different and pretend they don’t exist, than to let them be as noticeable as anyone else?

  • Anonymous

    Man’s tear where shed

  • Black Jack the unicorn

    that’s weird, I re downloaded this as soon as it was open, and it looked the same as last time, Why is mine still the old version?

  • Anonymous

    This is horse s**t. (no pun intended)

  • Anonymous

    This angers me greatly, though I can’t say I’m surprised. That said, I think one of the more important things we need to watch for is when the episode is actually aired again on tv.
    Will it be the original or the modified version? Even though I’m hoping for the best, I honestly don’t really expect to see the unbastardized version played on TV.

    It’s a sad day not just for bronies, but for society as a whole. Once again hypersensitive whining by a few has ruined something for many.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    I find the fact that someone’s posted a ‘we must now eliminate snails if we’re so up in arms about derpy’ post on /mlp/.
    Too true.

  • Killryde

    This is truly saddening, it makes you worry that they’re gonna stop acknowledging the fandom altogether.

    At least I have the original version, I’m just going to disregard this altered shit.

  • Artrageous

    Hoping for the Brony community to do the obvious, and make the director’s cut: Edit the original footage, keeping Dash’s original dialogue and replacing the audio on Derpy’s, while keeping her original animations as well.

  • filledwithsolutions

    I sure am glad that you guys and EqD posted that video saying that everything with Derpy was fine and over.

    • plaster

      if you were paying attention, that was Apple Cider that said that and you can go back and look at the previous post of that and read the line right below the video telling people to disregard that.

      thanks for playing

      • filledwithsolutions

        Oh I noticed, and commented about it back then. I also noticed that the moment the video came out, save derpy died, and anybody posting something about save derpy was bitched out and told that everything was already sorted.

        I know its wasnt your doing, and that this was probably bound to happen anyway, but that video killed all support for derpy.

        • plaster

          it kinda did, didn’t it.

          well, it’s back in full force now. Even though it was already way too late when they took it down on itunes in the first place

  • PorpoiseMuffins

    Speaking as an audio guy, from the poor sound of the audio quality, Studio B probably had nothing to do with this. I don’t think that’s even Ashleigh doing RD’s altered lines. This was probably something Hasbro threw together quickly to try and quell the issue.

    It doesn’t matter. Derpy happened. It was glorious. Nothing they can do now will change that.

    At least they seem to be willing to allow her to remain in the stuff targeted more at the bronies, ie welovefine and the DVD

    • 8ftmetalhead

      I THOUGHT it sounded odd. Though I’ve not paid very close attention, the (badly) editing it together and such might simply be the result of an after release censor deal.

    • GumballCrash

      The poor audio quality is because of how I had to record the video. I went with the quick solution of running an attenuating headphone cable from line-out to line-in. I wasn’t about to sit here and crack DRM so I had to improvise.

      As a result the quality’s acceptable at best and it was definitely clipping while recording. The iTunes re-upload sounds more in-line with the show’s production standards.

  • Painless Wolf

    Well, really disappointing… The taste of victory in the mouths of those very few who thought they had a crusade to wage against some imagined slight will soon turn to dust. What goes around comes around and I am sure that soon they’ll be screaming and cussing over something they cared about that got shot down. Maybe they’ll think back and learn something then about throwing rocks in fragile, glass houses.

  • Umandsf

    Yeah, it’s not the same. However, I wish they’d be kind enough to give us an official explanation, press release or otherwise, as to why the change was made, so that there’s not too much anger being exuded for the wrong reasons.

    Besides, it’s already online. There’s no burying it forever now.

  • anonymoose

    welp, is it only when a drama arises in the fandom that people comment here?

    • Basically yes. As I said to one person, no comments on DHN equates to everything is good.

  • doozier

    But what about that email from Hasbro that explicitly said this wouldn’t happen?

    • Sadly pointless. Its the reason I titled that “Derpy Saved?” with the question mark. Basically don’t listen to any department of Hasbro except for Hasbro HQ in Rhode Island. From what I’m told by our overseas friends, the sub-Hasbro departments over there are very open and warm to their fans, unlike Hasbro HQ which basically says jack shit to us.

  • Angelhooves

    How can they taint the most beloved non main character in the series??? A part of me just died inside…

  • Tony

    Thats like saying. : theres this kid in my neiboorhood his name is adolf and i want him to move away because hitler.

  • QD

    At least the comments here are generally rational. Over on EQD you’d think Hasbro sent out hit squads to murder the parents of all the commenters. It’s one of the most embarrassing things I have ever seen. The show is NEVER going to do this level of shout out ever again. They did so many. One gets changed, and the fan base immediately acts like a pack of hysterical three years olds? Stay far away from the comments there if witnessing mental sickness disturbs you.

    And I can’t be the only person who saw this coming. When Derpy first showed up, my thoughts were “Hey, cool, ascended meme! That’s awesome! … … man, there’s going to be people who think it’s making fun of retarded kids…” Even though I’m as far from politically correct as one can get, and love me some Derpy, I knew this would rub someone, somewhere the wrong way. It gets pulled from iTunes and from Hub rotation? Of course they were “fixing” it. Derp!

  • CodyMal

    All of my rage. Hasbro, I am disappoint.

  • Ditzydont

    I think the reaction is worse than what Hasbro did.

    I mean it’s unfortunate but Hasbro didn’t rename Derpy or deleted every scene that had Derpy in it.

    They changed her voice (not everyone liked that voice anyway) and omited her name. That’s it.

    If Last Roundup never happened there would be no difference in how we view Derpy.

    • QD

      I know I’m far less inclined t admit i’m a brony after this reaction.

      I hope to high heaven no one from the shw wanders into the EQD comments. They’re going to think all the bronies are posting from mental wards.

      This going to be the “Han shot first” of this generation. That’s not a good thing.

      • Ponyfan

        Or, maybe they’ll think that some people are actually seeing this for as bad as it truly is, as well as a blatant censorship issue that IS worth getting upset about.

        Seriously, don’t start acting like the people fed up with this are some “crazies from a mental ward”.

        No one acted like that when South Park fans got upset about 201 being removed. People jumped to their cause to fight censorship.

        It upsets me far more that a lot of the same people who got upset and up in arms over SOPA as they did are just acting all chill and cool over this.

        As if one type of censorship is ok, but another isn’t? That’s hypocritical at the very least.

        I really find this “don’t get upset” tone to be very obnoxious and condescending. People are upset and they have a very valid and very good reason to get very upset over this.

        I don’t think you understand in the least that this goes much father beyond a mere Pony issue, or an issue about what Derpy is better. This is not a Han Shot First issue, this is a very serious issue about corporate censorship, and the dangerous precedence this sets, that says that a small minority can bully a major studio into cowardly censoring their own work and ruining everything for millions of other people who greatly outnumber the few douches who prove that they can push around a company, CENSOR works and destroy something good for everyone around them,

        • Ponyfan

          P.S: Not to mention that since the claims are more ridiculous than the South Park 201 issue, as well as the reasoning behind it, and this kind of thing taking place over an innocent, childrens show, makes this a FAR more disturbing issue.

          Because it says to me, that nothing, no matter how innocuous, or non-offensive it is, is safe, anymore.

          The censoring of Derpy sets the exact kind of idiotic precedent that lets fame and attention seeking people get away with claiming Spongebob or the Teletubbies are these “evil homosexuals” or something that they can start claiming is “ruining society” and therefore should be banned, and these other insane claims that otherwise hurts the intellectual properties and sets a dangerous precedent for the censoring of innocent material of all kinds, because a couple of nutjob trolls whined about nothing.

          I find that people that look the other way or write these kind of things off as you did, instead of actually attempting to doing something to stop meaningless censorship that will affect many other things like this in the future are just as harmful as those that brought this issue upon us in the first place. Because this is the kind of blase and condescending “How dare you actually care” attitude that lets these kinds of things happen to begin with.

        • QD

          There absolutely is a huge difference between a company changing its own product and a government censoring your speech. Trying to paint this as some sort of SOPA level censorship issue is insulting. If you can’t see the difference, if you are that oblivious to even the first levels of nuance, further discussion is impossible.

          THAT is the real problem here: no one can think outside of black and white absolutes anymore.

          I’ve actually worked at a high position on two state level political campaigns, and have been an in the field activist for several issue, so don’t you dare tell me what I do and don’t understand.

          • Green45

            I think what you don’t understand is people. No one is saying that this is as bad as censorship(okay, most people aren’t.). We’re just pissed that a vocal, screechy minority got their way instead of the cheerful, embracing majority.

            That someone listened to all the whining about Derpy being “ableist” or somehow offensive, instead of all those of us who were just happy she existed at all.

            And worse yet, what they did to “rectify” it was slapdash as hell. They didn’t get a decent other voice actor in to give her a different voice, or even get Tabitha to record a different voice herself. Instead they just had some intern re-record it and slapped it on in the crappiest edit ever.

            Just because “IT’S NOT AS BAD AS CENSORSHIP!!!” doesn’t mean people aren’t allowed to get angry about it. You’re the one who needs to settle down.

          • QD

            The guy above invoked SOPA. That’s what I responded to. OK, I’m done with this. You kids have fun storming the castle.

          • Green45

            And now people replying to you are kids. Nice job resorting to ad hominem, sir. We can truly see that you are superior.

          • Roland

            It’s a movie quote from The Princess Bride.

  • Spinnicus

    I think MTG Transform cards are fun and I’m an old player of that game.

  • It seems to me that Hasbro’s Legal Department aren’t being evil here for the sake of being evil or anything. What I’m taking away from this is that like any corporation, they have to walk a very fine line. As much as they loved the free advertising we give them, they fear a boycott from special interest groups far more. If that means that we have to start calling her Pashmina (the character that the new voice sounds most like), we have to.

    • DWraith23

      Hell no. Derpy will always be Derpy to the fandom, regardless of what Hasbro does to her.

  • wolf

    I see George Lucas has got his hooves on MLP and REMASTERED it….
    buck it!

  • Lybra

    Actually, if you look really closely in most shots, you can see Derpy’s eyes are still slightly… well, derpy.
    Looks like they just wanted to diminish the effects but still keep the fan shout-out there. Good on them.

  • Jagafeh

    Really this is truly overblown. I do like the new voice.

    Tabitha herself said she voiced Derpy as a male character, not knowing she was supposed to be female.

    And as for the name of Derpy disappearing, has anyone thought that the name of “Derpy” is not owned by Hasbro and is such a legal minefield for them to use.

    She still exisits if not named. Don’t expect Bonbon, Lyra, or other fanon names to turn up for exactly the same reason.

    Studio B has been more than amazing to the fandom to add Derpy to the show despite possible legal problems. When issues arise lets be a little understanding.

    Oh and remember the MST3K quote, “It’s just a show so sit back and relax.”

    • Supertide

      >has anyone thought that the name of “Derpy” is not owned by Hasbro and is such a legal minefield for them to use

      If I recall correctly the staff told us that Hasbro’s lawyers watch every episode before they are greenlit to avoid such issues.
      If they passed the episode I do not think copyright is the problem. DJ-PON3 is also a fan name yet they used in a commercial and they are going to release an official toy with that name.

  • Supertide

    We really need to do something about this.
    We cannot let this happen!
    I’m both furious and depressed.
    This issue goes beyond Derpy.
    What kind of world we are living in where an insignificant minority of people can force their will on the majority?
    I mean, we can defeat SOPA and (hopefully) ACTA and show the rich corporates that we don’t want to be oppressed by them, but a few super-sensitive basement dwellers are allowed to have their way and ruin our fun just by whining enough?
    I have to quote Farnsworth from Futurama:
    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

    • #SaveDerpy

      I now want to throw my iPad out the window.

      Derpy reminds us of all of our quirks, all of the mistakes we make, and teaches us that we can laugh about it and not dwell. So if some people want to go get sand in their faukin pants and have a panic attack when a non-perfect someone is featured on a kids show, they can go do it somewhere else. Who’s ever helicopter parent was the first to go “Oh my, someone who doesn’t meet my unrealistically high standards on a children’s TV show! I’d better go call everyone I know and Hasbro, and hey, let’s throw Apple in there too, just to complain.” needs to shut the front door and get a life.

      Based on the fact that Derpy Hooves is better than everypony and we should take example from her, I rest my case.

  • Anonymous

    Is it possible this is Apple’s doing? Everyone’s jumping to blame Hasbro here. But the only place the episode was ever removed was from iTunes. Recall that it continued to play unaltered long after it was removed from iTunes on the Hub website and the official My Little Pony site.

    Could this have been some hacked together job from Apple? Like Apple called up Hasbro, said “People are complaining this scene from your cartoon is offensive, so we’re gonna modify it to remove the offending parts. That ok?” That seems like it would be an Apple thing to do.

    I guess the only way to know for sure is to wait for when it reruns on the Hub. That will be the ultimate answer.

    I’d also like to hear Jayson Thiessen’s input on this. If the eyes were actually reanimated in Flash (and not edited using video techniques), that would imply DHX was somehow involved. But we don’t know.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t mean to throw around unfounded criticisms of Apple by the way. But I’m specifically referring to Apple’s inconsistent and often questionable decisions when it comes to iTunes. One of the reasons I hate iTunes is because it makes Apple the ultimate arbiter of content and they don’t seem to have any rhyme or reason to how they do things (NOT just relating to MLP – iTunes is always giving people problems).

      Also, Hearts and Hooves day still hasn’t been re-uploaded on iTunes after the leak. What the fuck?

    • Supertide

      Personally I don’t blame Hasbro since this is not their fault.
      I blame those who made a problem out of such a harmless thing as Derpy and managed to get her censored.
      I bet some of them even went as far as to pose as concerned parents to coerce Apple or Hasbro into altering the episode.

    • Anonymous

      One more thing I’d like to add (I posted the original comment here, 6:39 EST) – I guess it probably wouldn’t be Apple actually modifying the episode, but it would make sense if they were the ones who asked Hasbro to modify it due to complaints. And since iTunes is *the* only way the show is distributed digitally, Hasbro would be forced to cooperate. So maybe (though I’m sure this is not the case), the modified version was only done to appease Apple, and only the iTunes version will be affects.

      Hopefully (but again, extremely doubtful) all other “official” versions will still be the original.

    • koscum

      I do believe Apple butted in on this, as Anonymous #50 said. MandoPony’s comment, however, does indicate that Hasbro was quite involved in this as well, but I still think that Apple ‘shot first’ due to all those overblown ‘derp is offensive’ bull. Still, we should wait and see if there are going to be any changes on the TV version/future episodes. If Derpy remains unchanged, I think we can live with it.

      Just a little side note to those who use ‘love and tolerate’ as an argument to do nothing: ‘love and tolerate’ means respect other’s opinion and believes; it does not mean sit there and do nothing while they tell you what is right. If you disapprove of someone else’s actions, you should let them know in a reasonable way, but if their actions affect you, you shouldn’t be all ‘please don’t do that, it bothers me’. No, you should stand for your believes and defend them to the best of your ability. Derpy is one of such believes and when someone invades on what she represents, of course we are going to fight back.

      • Supertide

        Your second paragraph is spot on, but try to tell that to people who believe in this “love and tolerance” crap.

  • PartyWithPonies

    But- but- but- This new voice is NOT better! This new voice is, in the words of Fluttershy, awful, just awful! It is the voice change here that angers me more than the eyes or the name. This voice makes her sound almost like she’s doing it on purpose. I loved Derpy’s old voice, because she just sounded so… innocent!

    Derpy was NOT making fun of handicapped people. Derpy was not making fun of handicapped people, because WE were not making fun of her. So, yes. Maybe Derpy WAS disabled. And you know what? She was ADORED for it.

    But clearly, it is very wrong to love and adore disabled children, and we should all be ashamed of ourselves. Clearly.

  • PorpoiseMuffins

    @gumballcrash I wasn’t referring to the sound quality in general, but to the quality of the redubbed lines compared to the RD ones they left untouched.

  • Crayola

    I’m upset that haters did this to our dear sweet Derpy, but her eyes AREN’T underped, they’re just LESS derped. At least Hasbro kep us, the fans, in mind.

  • Wirlog

    I never going to understand North American parents.
    They think that derpy is offensive, but denying her existance is stupid.
    Derpy is just clumsy for me and if some people thinks that she has mental problems, fine… censoring her is censoring that kind of people and one of my cousins has mental problems.

    • Supertide

      Oh, believe me, parents had little to do with this.
      This was most likely done by the worst the internet has to offer:

      -Trolls who hate MLP and want to ruin our fun.
      -Nerds who genuinely suffer from a mental disability but use it as an excuse to act like self-important assholes.
      -Nerds who diagnosed themselves with aspergers in order to deal with their social ineptitude and to have an excuse to act like self-important assholes.

      • Wirlog

        so, you’re saying that thos assholes are censoring themselves???
        Can’t tell if they are stupid or just practice in fornt a mirror everyday.

        • Supertide

          More or less.
          They are delusional and think if we hide problems from the public eye they somehow go away. They think people who make fun of mentally disabled people do it because of characters like Derpy.

          • Anonymous

            >They think people who make fun of mentally disabled people do it because of characters like Derpy

            It’s called normalization, look it up.

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  • Holley

    This is a perfect example of how idiots get offended by everything.

  • I have seen the original clip beforehand and the more recent edit. Here’s what I have gathered…

    The voice is different, which probably works out better, since Derpy’s earlier voice actress (Tabitha St. Germain; voice of Rarity and Luna) thought the mare was a boy when she voiced her. Although, as some people pointed out, the new voice does seem to carry a smug tone, unlike the innocent tone of the earlier version. Suggesting she’s destroying Town Hall on purpose, rather than just messing it up through sheer bad luck. But how does this all tie in? Just keep reading.

    A saw a lot of people complaining that they seemed to un-derp her eyes, but I can see the derp just fine. It’s just in one head-on shot that they’re dramatically more regular, which is something she’s been able to pull off already from time to time.

    Rainbow Dash got a new line, too. Or rather, her old line was re-recorded without the mention of “Derpy”. Why? Well, here’s where it gets frivolously-complicated…

    Some people have mentioned the legality of calling her “Derpy”, since no one at Hasbro or Studio B or DHX or wherever came up with the name. It’s a fan-given name. In which case, I don’t see the need to remove it as the name should technically be within the public domain just as much as “Tom”, “Dick” or “Harry”. But there’s another end to the legality, as well, which gets absolutely stupid.


    Absolutely pointless censorship! The eyes do seem to be slightly less derped, but mostly where you can see them clearly. Also, with the drop of the name “Derpy”, this seems to have been done by whiners insisting that this clip is offensive and biased against people with “wall eyes”.

    This whining minority thinks that this sets a stereotype that all people who are “derpy” must be clumsy twits. This is not the case. No one’s making fun of her. We adored her for all of this. Plus, as many others pointed out, this has an opposite effect.

    By censoring Derpy, you are basically saying “Derpy people should not exist. You should ignore them and maybe they’ll go away.” Censoring is far more offensive. I even read that people had siblings and friends who were within the group of people that were the ones supposedly being “offended” actually loved it when Derpy first spoke, but then actually cried when she got censored.

    As another commenter said, it’s like forcing a child to move away just because his name is “Adolph” and it reminds you of Hitler. That is horribly unfair. Removing such people is what’s offensive. Not showing them off in such a positive, cheerful light.

    However, as far as we’ve been able to tell at this point, this may or may not have only occurred on iTunes. It turns out that Apple is very stingy with these sorts of “issues”, and, for all we know, only the iTunes version of The Last Roundup might have been censored. There’s still a DVD with the unedited version and plenty of YouTube videos.

    Frankly, I’m not sure exactly which is a more idiotic “controversy”. This or the whole Portal 2 thing.

    I love how they take Wheatley’s line so completely out of context. He doesn’t even say anything about adopted children. Chell is an adult, not a child. Frankly, this “should” be considered more offensive to obese people or orphans. A also love how they thought the game was made by Sony. Plus, you gotta admire how these people pick and choose their parts of the game and completely ignore how GLaDOS responds saying “And what is wrong with having no parents? And just look at her. She’s not fat.” Also, sorry for any spoilers here, but…

    Wheatly is the villain here! You’re not supposed to take everything he says to heart!

    • Supertide

      >You’re not supposed to take everything he says to heart!

      In my opinion you are not supposed to take anything in entertainment to heart.
      There are so many tv shows and stand-up comedians who ridicule all kinds of people. Should we ban them all in the name of political correctness? NO! It’s played for the laughs, it’s comedy, you shouldn’t take it seriously. If you can’t take a joke and you are offended by comedy then you should either grow a thicker skin and get some sense of humor or go live with the Amish and farm rocks all day long.
      Derpy wasn’t even ridiculed and made fun of in the episode, there was nothing offensive about her or the scene. This is why I believe trolls and idiot fans are behind this and not soccer moms.

    • Anonymous

      This is the most words anyone has ever written about how a children’s cartoon should mock and belittle the mentally challenged.

  • Anonymous

    The stuff about M:tg and DnD is a joke, right? You don’t literally believe that “4e is WoW” or “The latest set killed Magic”, right?

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  • Anonymous


    • The smartest comment: #56

      The worst comment: #58.

      Yet they’re both totally right.

  • Black Jack the unicorn

    I’m just glad that they went back and spent the extra money and time to fix this rather than ignoring it and just letting it get deleted. If the higher up people decided it needed to go, this is the best compromise that could have happened. yes it would have been better if the higher ups didn’t want to change it, but sadly, they did. Now the team had the bosses demanding change on one side, and the angry fans who don’t like the change on the other side. It would have been a lot easier for the studio to just cut Derpy out, or leave the episode off of the season, but instead they fixed it to the best of their ability. ^_^ in fact the biggest complaint from the fanbase when she first appeared was they didn’t like her voice. =3 so keep calm and brony on ^_^ we still have 4 more episodes left this season, and the 2 part season final to go! i’m sure they will find a way to wow us, and keep the show going on track. ^_^ It’s not over, so stop all the hate and blame. =3

  • Adam

    This has to be fake.

  • jasper anderson

    Seriously, hasbro just made my 5 year ol daugther cry!… She has a mild case of the downs syndrom, and after she saw this last night, she asked me why it the episode was different… i didn’t notice till she pointed you derpys change… i told her, that aparently, someone had been offended by derpy… you know what she said to me?… is it not okay to be different?… she said that… to me… she might aswell had asked me, if it was wrong to be herself… im boiling with rage and frustration… derpy whoves wasn’t insensitive.. but this sure as hell is!

  • MysteriaKiito

    As a mother of a child with a mental disability I am deeply offended that they changed Derpy. I found her charming and a good role model for my child, who needed someone who was a lot like him to look up to.

  • Rain

    Yo this is some mayor bull crap yo derpy looks still like derpy but I don’t f**** know how she’s makeing fun of people this is bull s****

    Save derpy~


  • IndustrialBreeze

    Why are people blaming Hasbro? The DVDs are fine;
    Sounds like a case of Apple Censorship to me, but I have no proof of this yet.

  • Anonymous

    First I experienced a coincidence while after “The Last Roundup” first aired. Then another after seeing this alternate version.

  • poor derpy, she just keeps getting changed over and over…

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand why they did that. She was fine the way she was. Are they saying that the way she was wasn’t good enough? Didn’t fit into their view of the world? Probably over-analyzing it, but it’s just something I was thinking about…

  • DarkSideNagi

    Hey, I’m well…I had the same problems as Derpy, and I think that it is funny. So I have some problems and was in special ed…this is not bullying…she’s a character, a fictional character who is fun and shows that you are still important even if you are different from everyone else. I’m sorry, but I have had vision issues since childhood and I like seeing characters in shows that have the same problems because it makes me feel like I’m not the only one, even if it is a cartoon character.

    • >> she’s a character, a fictional character who is fun and shows that you are still important even if you are different from everyone else. I’m sorry, but I have had vision issues since childhood and I like seeing characters in shows that have the same problems because it makes me feel like I’m not the only one, even if it is a cartoon character.

      She got changed so she was a normal pony. Watch the video. Then I bet you can fly to Antartica and someone will still hear you scream.

  • DerpyGingerGirl

    hmm…well i think shes still every derpy and i think that all the bronys will remember the name Derpy hooves forever no matter what they change it to…but i heard they only changed it cuz the blonds felt offended well if thats true than they could have just changed the hair and also boo fucking who! people say gingers dont have a soul and im not crying about it to south park no one is so if it is cuz of the hair they need to SUCK IT….up…..