Well, my desktop is full of pony. The last time I had checked, the desktop ponies program was at version 1.19. Since then they have added a plethora of perfectly pixelated ponies, including: Photo Finish, Octavia, The CMC, Cherilee in 80’s and normal varieties, Photo Finish’s entourage, OPPP and Candy Mane! Holy Guacamole!

Check that out here!

  • Shinmera

    Well, I got a 3600×1080 dual screen setup.
    U jelly?

  • Plaster

    ok, i significantly jelly.

  • FrostV952

    I've only got 3160×1080 but i ain't even jelly

  • Baree

    And thanks again to Pony Noia for making Candy Mane for me ^^