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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the off season.

Over the past week someone asked me “Why you no post news?!” to which I replied “because there hasn’t been any” and for the most part I’m right. News related to the show and or its crew has been very minimum, really the only things have cropped up have been posted here. As for the rest of the crap that happens out there in the ponyverse, just not our thing. There has been a ton of drama over random hand puppet plushies, ego clashing and Hasbro slapping, or what can be called day to day business and or the off season. You just notice it more because there isn’t anything about the show to talk to.

As for DHN, our personal stance and attitude is that of someone sitting the shore of a river sipping cider and watching the crap float by.

Over the summer we’ll be scheming away for Season 3 while listening for any leaks. To note last summer was pretty void of anything show related up until about August, a month before the new season dropped. This year is different as we’re more connected with the people behind the show, but also more watched by Hasbro who is making sure the lid is kept tight on their projects. But we’ll be listening to the wires even if its from a scenic view on shore.

And now for some random stuff people wanted me to post, contest and announcements.’s Summer Moon Celebration

The folks over at the EverfreeForest site are running a summer long contest dubbed The Summer Moon Celebration. Its a collab project between EverfreeForest and MLPMusicArchive and will include such activities as marathons, gaming competitions, gift-giving…, contests, drawings and more. The celebration starts today and ends August 31st.

All the info can be found here on their site announcements.

Long Way from Equestria Project Looking For Help

There is a group looking for help with a project, basically a massive vocal cover of Long Ways from Equestria. They are using a version made by BassBeastJD and have direct permission from MandoPony to use the song itself. They are looking for people and have a video you can watch here on the subject.

Tara Strong & Other VAs reading Star Wars at Seattle ComicCon

I haven’t had time to watch the entire video but have seen other people talking about it. Its a long video featuring our own Tara Strong along with many other voice actors and actresses reading the script from Star Wars using various character voices. The submitter left the comment that Dark Vader was being voiced by Bubbles / Pinkie Pie. You can watch that video somewhere in here.

Music is Magic: Documentary on Music

Well it seems that summer is going to be one filled with Documentary reporting. Someone in the community by the name of SilentAuthor is looking to make a documentary about the pony musicians, or something. There is a kickstarter that can be found here that is looking to reach a goal of about 2 grand. More information can be found on the Kickstarter.

No offensive to these guys but as a general reminder, tread cautiously about all these projects. Sooner or later someone is going to make a kickstarter and then keep the money or something.

Anime North Trip Report from JHaller

Jhaller sent over his recent video report from Anime North. You might remember awhile back we did post about his report on the January Bronycon, and I’m sure some other things. I haven’t had time to watch this video but I know it tops in around a full hour but is supposedly got details about the upcoming Ponies The Anthology 2, that will be first seen at June Bronycon. The video is beyond the page break.

  • all true…
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  • Naem

    hahaha “hand puppet plushies”. check out some of the fan art, it can be so many other things as well!

  • filledwithsolutions

    Somekind of silly/retarded wrap up would be nice. The sex toy thing is pretty hilarious and I have no idea what the “ego clashing and Hasbro slapping” even refers to

    • I’ll have to remember to wrap it up next time (giggity).

      Hasbro slapping = An incident last week when a plushie maker by the name of WhiteDove got hit with a C&D from Hasbro. WhiteDove is known as she did excellent work, her plushies were expensive when the bidding ended, and even had Lauren Faust commission a Fausticorn (her OC) for herself.

      Ego Clashing = No one in general just the shit I see behind the closed doors in the community, its entertaining in one hand and totally retarded in the other.

  • derpymatic

    jhaller goes to canada and buys a molson. im sorry, but as a canadian that is just a crying shame. molson is pretty much out worst beer. next time, try a moosehead. or a keith’s, or a kokanee, or a steamwhistle–pretty much every canadian beer is better than molson. sorry, had to be said. /rant :)