DHN is offering you the perfect chance to win one of three adorable flash drives or one of three fluffy T-shirts!

All you have to do is to tweet (i.e. post on Twitter) a link to this article and post the address of the tweet in a comment below. On April 19, at around noon EST, we’ll go through all eligible ones of these tweets and rank them descending by the number of retweets they received. However, only specific ranks will win, the rationale being that people with fewer followers should also have a chance.

The winning places are:

  1. Flash drive
  2. T-shirt
  3. Flash drive
  4. T-shirt
  5. Flash drive
  6. T-shirt

Please note:

  • The first place only gets one price, like all others. Sorry.
  • If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can just create one and ask other nice Twitter pones with more followers to retweet you.
  • If you tweet multiple times, we’ll count the tweet with the most retweets.
  • If there is a draw between several tweets, these will be ranked by creation date, for good or ill.
  • We’ll use the Twitter API to retrieve all tweets within seconds of each other, so no one gets an unfair advantage.
  • If our spam filter eats your comments, please notify us. (Comments with links are especially suspicious.)
  • DHN staff is barred from participating.
  • DHN will cover the shipping fees for the flash drives, unless you live in one of those countries that only allow shipping by swarms of carrier pigeons; that’s too expensive for us. For the costs we can cover, you can thank all those fluffy advertisers to the left and below, and please visit their sites now and then too. Regarding shipping of the T-shirts, please see their FAQ.

Good luck!

And now it’s over. We generated the ranking on April 19 at precisely noon EST, which took 16 seconds, but there hadn’t been any changes for several minutes before that. One person protected their tweets.

Please contact us by email (postmaster at derpyhooves dot com) if you won. We’ll also send reminders around on Twitter. (Winners are set in bold.)

  1. TarasHeadphones (20 RTs)
  2. WhiteGShepherd (2 RTs)
  3. TrevMaster3000 (2 RTs)
  4. gentlecolt (2 RTs)
  5. PonyConfessions (1 RTs)
  6. RommelPants (1 RTs)
  7. SonyaLynn (1 RTs)
  8. EQIWeather (1 RTs)
  9. Zucni (0 RTs)
  10. CosmoBrony (0 RTs)
  11. ChrisLaluna (0 RTs)
  12. Vetrocision (0 RTs)
  13. crono_flash (0 RTs)
  14. LyokoTravels (0 RTs)
  15. SilentBrit (0 RTs)
  16. FishTehBrony (0 RTs)
  17. BendyRuler (0 RTs)
  18. mlp_lilderpy (0 RTs)