Note, the wording on the PDF is vague enough to just be them listing the *kind* of series you'd be working on.

Derpy’s Dream by ZantyARZ

A new PDF released by DHX media entails their new hiring drive. To be specific, they are looking for the following positions to start:

  • Offline Editor – January
  • Key Animation/ Posing Artists – January & February
  • Storyboard Artists – January, February & April
  • Animation Revisionists – January & February
  • AFX Artist – January & March
  • Series Director – February
  • Builder – February
  • Storyboard Revisionists – May

The interesting thing is the phrasing used in their initial pitch:

Opportunities are available to work with us on exciting Flash Animation Series such as Packages from Planet X, Pound Puppies and My Little Pony.

Now, does this necessarily mean they’re working on a Season 4?  By no means; it could be just a pitch they used in the document, or it could be a movie for all we know.  But it’s something to take note of.  From the looks of it, they’re certainly starting work on a new series (they’re hiring a series director, after all).  Either way, if you’re interested in working for DHX in Vancouver, the PDF link above has all the details.