DHX Media Reports My Little Pony is Top DHX Vancouver Earner

Brony Star by Saxm13

Brony Star by Saxm13

DHX Media has released its 2012 fiscal results, and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is the top earner for DHX Vancouver, for major projects over $.10 million Canadian Dollars (CAD), with a revenue of $5.11 million (CAD).  The entire list stands as follows:

  1. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – $5.11 million
  2. Pound Puppies – $5.05 million
  3. Littlest Pet Shop – $2.10 million
  4. Sarah Solves It – $.13 million

Friendship is Magic was second overall for DHX Media, behind only DHX’s subsidiary, Wildbrain, with season 1 of How to Train Your Dragon, which came in at $7.34 million. DHX Wildbrain’s full list of revenue earners are:

  1. How to Train Your Dragon – $7.34 million
  2. The Ricky Gervais Show – $4.28 million
  3. Oki’s Oasis – $3.61 million
  4. Monster High – $3.01 million
  5. Team Smithereen – $.57 million

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