Dinky Doo’s Father Revealed by RoyGBiv

This is the first entry into the Library of Derp, that crossed off link you see to the left that I’ve had some people ask about.  The general idea is all Derpy’s fanfics, in one list.  I will be slowly reading all of Derpy’s fics over the next several months, and plan on featuring them as I go.
The above picture is what lead me to the story, and in thumbnail view is kind of misleading.  Truthfully when I first saw it, it looks like Derpy & Dinky are scared and crying, and of course the big shadow of someone in the doorway can only mean a killer.  But of course once I looked at the full scale and read some comments, I see it was to a great story, the story of Derpy & Bran Muffin, Dinky’s father.  Its a very heart warming story.

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