We’re officially only 2 days away, pretty soon 1 day 23 hours.  Everyone got their gyrobowls?

The following is another article like Stained Glass Windows, basically where I ramble on about theories from what we’ve seen so far.  So its very spoilerific for anyone trying to avoid anything about the episode Saturday.  I be neckbearding tonight…

Also a reminder for readers who joined up with the herd in the off season, DH is pretty much episode central for downloads, livestreams and the such.  There are two known livestreams going on (Bronystate & Basil34), but there will be many others that pop up at random.  Download wise, there is usually a low low quality released shortly after the episode airs.

Our own reporter Spazz will be recording and producing a SD version with an ETA of 3 hours after the episode airs.  There’s usually a really low quality one released directly afterwards, and HD downloads usually don’t appear until 24 hours afterwards.  Youtube wise, PensivePony usually gets her SD copy upload within 3 to 6 hours depending on how youtube is behaving, HD youtube usually be mid to late evening.

And now onto the nerding…

As we draw near to Saturday, we are learning more and more about Discord and the events that will take place.  Discord has been confirmed as a trickster villain and his reception has been good, a few disappointed fans that he wasn’t utterly insane and evil, BUT, we have only seen a small clip of him.  Many have said he could very well be like HIM from Powerpuff Girls, able to go from cheerfully evil to insanely deadly with a blink of an eye.  (I’m going to say probably not though).

With the clip that was released today, we learned roughly of how he escapes his stone prison, revealing that he is a statue in a park that Cheerilee and her class (with the CMC) visit.  The CMC get into an argument and the result seems to kick start his heart.

I can confirm via an animator with the studio that Discord will appear in the first episode, very early on during episode 1.

And then we jump back to the 1st preview.  The Mane 6 are probably tasked by Celestia to recover the Elements of Harmony.  A little confusing as most fans assumed the Mane 6 themselves are the elements, I think Twilight says that.  But obvious the power is held in the jewelry they got during the NNM battle.

This park is our obvious battle ground.  In the 2nd preview the labyrinth we’ve heard about (and seen in preview 1) is seen to the left.  The Mane 6 have to find the elements inside the labyrinth, but Discord strips them of wings and magic for his “game”.

And from that point, we know nothing, except this is the setup for the episodes.  The one thing I’ve taken notice are the three other statues in the park.

This is probably just hot air, but we have three puppet ponies in the stained glass window, and I ponder the question, are we going to get henchponies?  The three statues also carry a theme.

I. Love Pony
The first statue (furthest away) is hard to see, but looks like a cupid pony down to the heart arrows.
II. Scroll Pony
At first this looks like a pony rocking out on a guitar, but its actually a pony with scrolls, possibly representing knowledge?  She’s rocking out on a scroll while one flies around here.
III. Music Pony
This took me a few moments to notice the big “wave” looking thing behind the pony in this statue is actually a flying musical note.  She is either singing or playing an instrument.
So, two days to see if we have some deep meaning behind these windows and statues, or do we all drink the Jonestown koolaid because the episode was generic (gasp).  Prepare your bodies, Season 2 is almost here.
  • ShadowTani

    Maybe the three ponies are statues of the ponies that originally helped trap Discord? :3 At least they don't really look like the "villain" type, but then again, neither do discord in statue form. xD

  • Rainbow Pride

    the white and yellow ponies look a lot like sweetie belle and apple bloom/scootaloo, but the third one looks JUST LIKE SNAILS!

  • Rainbow Pride

    ^ I'm gonna guess it's supposed to be scootaloo because it's a pegasus

  • derpymaths

    ^ yeah maybe the cmc will be discord's new henchponies. or maybe celestia will drop a mountain on his head.

  • plaster

    the cmc woke up Discord, they are probably mind controlled to help troll