So last night it came over the wire via Equestria Daily that “Doctor Hooves” has been declared canon. It seems that “Doctor Whooves” could not be used, probably due to the BBC’s strict eye on these things (case in point the guy who was making pony shoes in the early days, made a Tardis shoe, BBC came and slapped that out of his hands). This announcement comes via Guy Brand, one of three founders of Mighty Fine Inc., the parent company of WeLoveFine. Personally I’m not a fan until I see it directly from Hasbro or the show itself, but so far Mighty Fine has not steered us wrong (case in point – DerpyGate). So I guess I for one welcome our new time overload.

As seen in the above screencap they are going to be changing all the Doctor Whooves merchandise to reflect this. On the trading cards that were released yesterday he was dubbed “Time Turner”, which I guess could be placed as his secondary name as done with other characters (Derpy/Ditzy).

  • Citrus Rain

    I have no issues with the card saying “Time Turner”. The Doctor uses aliases all the time to blend in.

    Most commonly he uses “John Smith” and that really would not be a fitting false name in a world full of ponies.

  • Brendan Danieli

    I agree with Citrus Rain: “Time Turner” is a great alias name for Dr. Hooves to use whilst in Ponyville normally.