Double Rainboom – A Fan Made Episode In Production

I tend to be cynical, its just my nature, so when I see words like fan made episode, I do indeed cringe. But when I saw its being produced by Flamingo1986 who we have featured here on DHN via The Ballad of Mecha Pinkie Pie, it gives me a fair share of hope that it’ll be good rather than a nightmare. My main message is try and mimic the show, which I’m sure is on the to-do board for them. And now have some stolen EqD copy pasta.

Flamingo1986 (Zachary Rich) is proud to announce that the official website for the first-ever fan-made pony episode – Double Rainboom – has gone live! You can now follow along with the production by going to 

Along with production updates, the site also features a gallery where concept art, storyboards, animatics, backgrounds, puppet rigs, templates, and other pony-related material can be viewed and downloaded for free. 

Feel free to also check Double Rainboom out at the sites below: 

Tumblr ► 

deviantART ► 

Facebook ►

If you would like to contribute to the episode either through animating select shots or through creating backgrounds – send your requests to the production crew directly Providing examples of your best work – through attachments or links to existing sites – is strongly advised.

As an additional bonus, the fine folks over at The Round Stable sat down with Mr. Rich for an interview that can be read here.

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