Dr. Whooves Adventures (Shorts): The Search

More from Squeak Anon and the gang.

(NOTE: not canon the DWA, but incredibly awesome none the less)

A short made for…Well..Me! My team of writers, voice actors, and artists, came together about three months ago, to make this for my birthday on the 9th, I had absolutely no idea until they aired in on Celestia radio, taking me by complete surprise. It really touched me that they’d put so much work into something nice for me, so give it a listen! They’re all so awesome. You can see my full response to it on Tumblr:

But on the note of awesome things, we’ve taken up a cause for the next few months. One of our writers, Sithking Zero, has a sister who is running in the Chicago Marathon on Sunday, October 7th, and who is raising money for OAR, the Organization for Autism Research, which is doing amazing things in the field of autism reserach and discovery, and it’s a great cause to get behind. So if you’d like to help, donate! Or spread the word if you can. There will be annotations and links in the description of every PIAB video until October to help them reach their goal.

If you’d like to help them reach that goal donate here:

If you’d like more info on OAR, you can visit their website here:

If you do donate, please leave a comment on the donation site mentioning that PonyinaBox sent you. =)

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