Dr Whooves Plush on Ebay

The creator of this lovely piece boasts 5 years of experience making plushes and hand stitches each one.
Did I mention that this will be the ONLY ONE MADE?

at $60 in the auction with 2 days left, the reserve has yet not been met. And no, we were not asked to advertise this by the seller or anyone. Spazz and myself found it to be really well done and worth a shoutout


  • Morgan January

    I won him. Seriously, I did. And I spent way too much money. But he will be mine, hopefully, by Saturday, when not only PONIES happen, but I get to go to a local theater that shows all the new Doctor Who episodes on the big screen. He'll be coming with me, of course!!

  • plaster

    Congrats! how much did it go for in the end, if i may ask?