Alternate Title: plaster releases the krakken in the unholy shitstorm of our time.

Seriously, I may have said some things that I may regret at some time but wheres the fun in playing it safe? Although I had the urge to make a little P.S. clip to tag on clarifying and apologizing. If I catch crap for it I’ll probably do it the next time.

also my car totally does not go 0-60 in under 4 seconds. I tried to time it, its more like 7

Holy shit listen to me breathe, allergies suck man. I’m not fat, I swear! I have one of those black foam covers and I’ll start using that more. The volume may be a little quiet again. So I boosted it once more, next time I swear I’ll get it all worked out.

I know this is right after the pilot episode but im like a kid who just got a new toy, I gotta keep playing with it!

Disclaimer: This project is a solo effort by plaster and does not always reflect the opinion of the site and everyone who works on it. It also holds up a rating of R due to those nasty swearwords.

Soundcloud embed after the break. Decided to fiddle with the mic’s settings and found the 128kb/s MP3 recording quality option so this file is a whopping 37.95MB instead of 200-something WAV file like the last time. TECHNOLOGY

plaster driving distracted001 by summersuncelebrationentri

  • Unknown

    the sound quality must be better because i can hear the shit out of your wisconsin accent :P

    the one thing i miss from podcast 000 is the little itinerary for the topics you discuss throughout the podcast, so we're not thrown around from topic to topic, but maybe that's just me. also, a once a week release date sounds good, anything more often seems like overload.

    i don't really care about sithesto (sp?). it's his choice to earn money from EqD, good for him. you seem more modest about what you do, and there's an obvious downside to that, but your dedication is evident nonetheless.

    if you're going to cover fandom content competitively, you gotta fight EqD's fanfic list and their drawfriend. hope you've got a solid plan! the one thing you could easily do is comics; EqD has a shitty organizational system for comics.

    in conclusion: FUCK YEAH PONIES; trixie's a cunt

  • plaster

    oh yeah i forgot to do that. I really should get some sort of like checklist goin on.

  • DerpySquad

    Hmmm, I'll have to listen to this one and see what insanity you're talking about. :)

  • Luna-tic Scientist

    Another interesting post. Wasn't aware of the 'cult of personality' thing that you mentioned, but it is a bit of an eyebrow raiser – and another reason to have multiple information sources (rather than risk a single source bias). I've nothing against EqD though (seeing Fallout Equestria cover art got me into this fandom in the first place), just wouldn't want it to be the only source.

    The failure to attribute the fanfic cover art is, I think, a bad decision which may cause them problems in the future (and who knows how much great art I've missed because I can't see similar stuff by the same artist?).

    On the technical side:
    +1 for finding the 'mp3' setting, -1 for forgetting the windshield :-)
    I'm no sound editor, but the software I'm using lets me ignore noise spikes when normalising; the spikes are still there but the rest of the track is louder and they don't make you wince when you've got the volume turned up.
    I did a quick-and-dirty 'remaster' on the file for myself, I can upload it somewhere if you are interested.

  • derpymaths

    Plaster I could seriously see you doing a weekly bit about your thoughts and opinions, that seems to be where this is going, and for the record, i like it! definitely looking forward to the next "driving distracted". sure, it's a little unorthodox but i think that works in your favor here.

    The first comment in here by Unknown has some really solid points man, things to be seriously considered. i dont think I can top his feedback so I'll just second it.

    ps. thanks for the shout out! :D

  • mattyhex

    Hell I barely know anything about cars and I still got it right, awesome, and yeah good thing you corrected yourself, 0-60 isn't going to happen in under 4 seconds, that's supercar realm.

    I've never used blogger, but would it not be possible to make a php script that checks for updates on derpyhoovescentral and posts the content of said update into derpyhooves to aviod this iframe? Perhaps it's not the kind of question for you, just if someone looks into it, an idea as all. (Or even look into writing your own blogging scripts, I don't think it'd be that hard)

    You make the point of $40 per day, when worked out for the year that's only $14,600, which isn't a vast sum considering the hours I'm guessing he works (and I doubt copy+pasting emails is particularly fun), and I'm not sure how much (if any) the other three get (it's not just Seth on EqD).

    It's funny having your commentary of the road, mic in one hand, comments in the other and letting the car find it's way via the curb. Though I wouldn't try that too often, don't want you in a crash anytime soon, do we? Still seems quite kinda quite though.