by Kadjule

Alternate Tittle: Cashing in the reality check.

Hey everyone, this week hopefully went better than last week volume-wise. I’m getting better every week!

The list of things I did is pretty long, break time!

In This Episode I:

  • Dicuss a bad night
  • 400k!
  • Sing
  • Talk like the Apple Family
  • road rage!
  • regular rage!
  • get’s stuck in traffic
  • talk about art!
  • talk about haircuts and Texas
  • Go over the news (maybe)
  • cash in that reality check
  • explain how we got the leaks
  • Talk like AJ again
  • talk about old friends and some numbers
  • explain my interview wishlist
  • Get creepy

Thanks for listening, tell your friends! Next time I swear I’ll remember to print off those comments.
And here’s a link to my Tumblr!

Driving Distracted Episode 002 by summersuncelebrationentri

  • pony-pufffs

    (: great podcast. ^.^~ first full podcast i've ever listened too. WOO

  • Anonymous

    The link to your tumblr, is not a link at all.

  • plaster

    whoops, i use this add on that automatically copies text I highlight because it thinks it's saving me time. Looks like I'm turning that one off

  • Unknown

    oh god i saw that brony pizza hut video. holy shit i cringed hard as i reached for the little red x on the upper right-hand corner.

    i'm not really that big on interviews normally, but when you explained who you wanted to interview and why, i was fairly intrigued. i hope it can be all figured out.

  • mattyhex

    All the animation is done in the Philippines by Topdraw, Studio B/DHX do all the preproduction.

    I wish I had a friends list like you do, to know so many awesome people!

  • plaster

    it's all about being friendly and getting to know people. Turns out, they just may be able to help you out when you need it most

  • Unknown

    oh god i remember that brony pizza hut vid. i cringed hard as my mouse scrambled to the little red x on the upper right hand corner.

    i'm not normally too keen on interviews, but when you explained who you want to interview and why, i was intrigued. i hope those can get worked out!

  • RoboPlop

    These are entertaining. Please continue.
    Incidentally, I listen to these while driving to class, so I guess the title really applies to me.