Flashinthepan, colored by plaster

Alternate Title: plaster is in an annoyingly good mood. (let me know if I need to dial that down, I totally will. If not… I’ll roll with it.)

It’s a short one this week! By short I mean 28 minutes!
I’m also coming up on my free minutes limit on soundcloud, I already have a couple solutions worked out but older episodes may be taken off soundcloud and put up for DOWNLOAD ONLY in the future. I’ll let you know when that happens. I’ll link all the episodes… somewhere, maybe my under-utilized Tumblr. Just another thing to do on the pile for next week!

The pilot episode has been bumped off of soundcloud! I will upload it somewhere and allow it for downloading… sometime!

As always: DISCLAIMER: This is a solo project by plaster and all things said in this show do not always reflect the opinions of the site and those who work on it. Also I swear a lot, so not for kids.

In this episode I discuss:

  • Siteite news
  • Interview Wishlist UPDATED
  • The true weight of fanfiction
  • Shitstorm of the Week: Sexy Fausticorn
  • Goes over the little news there was
  • Ponijou 
  • More art!

Episode 003 by summersuncelebrationentri

  • Night Star

    Does my LINE against RPrs on Facebook count? i stopped succesfully a whole gen of them and they started to fade at least on the Official Bronies pages and stuff. Also i edited a OC creation guidelines and people always ask about that and want the link to that guide.


  • mattyhex

    Really I don't pay that much attention to the online 'community', but I think it's right to put it as more a collection of fragmented websites who all like one cartoon show, then a solid community. Although when certain shitstorms go down it can solidify a bit.

    And I'm totally with you in that ponies shouldn't be in 'adult' situations. Only a few things should be taken at face value, and I think children's cartoons are one of them.

  • 21shootingstar -★-

    eurobeat brony!! great =) I'm so happy right now, October is the best month of the year, first it's one year anniversary of mlp fim, next day my Bday, than Oct 15 new episodes and DH has a surprise on the 25 and finally Halloween, I love Halloween, all the artist make a lot of fan art Halloween style.

    Plaster, this driving distracted episode was great, I'm totally more than fine with your opinion on everything.