Another friday? Already? Alright lets get this over with… WITH A NEW PROMO IMAGE. Look at that, so cool. Thanks Modern-Warmare!

Alternate Title: most embarrassing start in podcast history. -OR- This is the internet, no one is wrong here.

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Remember: This podcast is a solo project by plaster, graciously allowed to be posted here on this site. Just because it’s posted here does not mean that all the things said in this show are the opinion of everyone who works here and the site in general. Also swearing.

This week I talk about:
Shitstorm of the Week: Community solidarity and MyLittleRemix
Go Go Carlito
Tries to read comments while driving and doesn’t do a very good job at it. Seriously, shit is scary.
The Hazards of the fanbase.
My goal for the site.
Going on about interviews… again.
Closing Statements

Driving Distracted 004 by summersuncelebrationentri

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of EQD and this site, I just jumped ship over here for basically the reasons you mentioned.


  • mattyhex

    I'd take purpletinkers action/inaction less personally, you're the one after all talking about taking things with a pinch of salt. Sure she knew at some point that DerpyHooves existed but she's busy doing other things and wants to easily hit the largest audience.

    Hell, I remade (and vastly extended) her font, and I haven't seen any form of response from her, the most I've had was one line when I linked her to the announcement journal. So yeah, don't forget the salt.

    What was the image you had done? All I managed to get was that someone made an image for you. Speaking of, if any of you guys working here want some form of vector I'll try my hand (it doesn't have to be just ponies), just a thought.

  • plaster

    oh mattty, its the header image

  • E_chin

    i don't worry about what the direction of the community, because it's got a life of it's own. if i worry about shit i can't do anything about i'll want to shoot myself. all you can do is make your corner of the internet and see how the community grows there. it's great to hear that your page views are increasing.

    i really like the little derpy… except when she flies over where i'm commenting lol

  • Modern Warmare

    I can get a lot of what you're saying as a major Pony blog editor, someone ostensibly more concerned with advocating for the fandom than the rest of us. But you know, I spent my weeaboo days in enough large fandoms to know that solidarity kills a fandom! The largest face of a fandom is never the best. It's the niches that move it forward and get people to make the most incredible contributions. It doesn't mean there need to be warring factions, but we don't NEED to love-n-tolerate all our fellow bronies on principle, either.

    I mean, I got into ponies when they were still exclusive to 4chan and I got to see it kind of get built from the ground up, which was really cool. It then ran through /b/ and went off in a totally different and more obnoxious direction than I had liked, but it also brought in a lot of good from it, and I've never had a hard time avoiding (or ridiculing) the crap.

    Sure I may have been deterred from Pony if I encountered it after it "went big", but I might have come back around in a couple months after seeing all the great things people have been doing outside of the main squeeze. All those great works of art and customs, the fan games and music, the awesome interpretations of the fictional universe, those spill over into other communities as well as the "main face" of bronydom. Not nearly as much, but enough to bring people into the fandom "by the back door", so to speak. And hell, if they don't, "we"'d never know what we lost.

    tl;dr, don't sweat the "solidarity" mantra. Find the audience you want to bring in, because like I said on your dA, there are plenty of disgruntled bronies (if they even want to be referred to as such anymore) who are sick of the silliness and shitstorms as you are. If you build DerpyHooves, they will come.

    And until then, at least you have your 3-man Touhorse pocket community! :P

    >until I get a better one

    good god I need to get on my homework now.

  • Pacce

    You know, you talk alot about "the face of the fandom".
    But the FiMfandom is now many many many thousands strong.
    There is no one place for everyone and all of them have flaws.
    Out of the big 5 it goes like this:

    -Equestria Daily has literally everything you can want for pony (except explicit pony sex) and the folks who work on the show will reach out and talk to them if they want to talk to the fans.
    BUT they are very loaded down with inside jokes and fanfics (though that can be taken care of with a push of a button) as well as lots of shitstorms in the comments.

    -Ponychan has the benefit of being enforced SFW… Generally.
    But it again has a bit of a "newbie lockout" and they can be kneejerk there when it comes to any negative comments.
    Fimchan is good if you want diverse art and stories.
    But there is virtually no show discussion and you need to have high tolerance for porn of any and all kinds. Fortunately, most artists are good about tagging what they do so you can avoid what you don't wanna see.

    -The /co/ generals, birthplace of the online fandom as well as where Derpy Hooves herself was born and nourished with fanon of all kinds and is still one of the best places to talk about the show when a conversation really gets goinf.
    BUT it is also the worst of all of them most of the time. Easily 22 hours of the day is nothing but shitposting and fetish stuff(joking or serious).
    And then there's here.

    -This place is a stripped down EqD. But in a generally good way. If I want the show, it's never more than a click away and all the big news is at least reposted here.
    But, that really means while this is a useful website, it is not a terribly interesting one when compared to the others.

    Also, you seem to have a mad on in regards to fanworks. What's up with that?

  • DerpySquad

    Just curious Pacce as what you mean by "mad on in regards to fanworks". I'm confused, but I haven't had my coffee yet.

  • Pacce

    DerpySquad, I mean a that he seems to have some disregard for them. Calling comics and art and things only good for "filler".

  • DerpySquad

    I see what you mean, but more or less bad choice of words. Fanworks is the secondary gear that keeps this fandom going (first being the show). Its more we've tried concentrating on news, but obviously even in season there is a lack of it.

    Either way, fanworks are definitely not just filler.