Thanks a million TranquilMind!

Alternative Title: Suggestion Box episode!

It took me two tries to get it to where I was satisfied this week, let’s hope you feel the same!

Remember: This podcast is a solo project by plaster, graciously allowed to be posted here on this site. Just because it’s posted here does not mean that all the things said in this show are the opinion of everyone who works here and the site in general. Also swearing.

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This week I discuss

  • The leaks
  • Comments from last week
  • Asking for your ideas
  • Having a pleasant conversation with someone from another site. 
  • Site interviews
  • Rocking out
  • being DerpySquad is suffering
  • Obligations
  • Involving people you don’t know or care about into this episode
  • Thinking before I speak, lol.
  • Holiday’s Gift to the Animation Staff
  • Fishing for feedback
  • Outro

Driving Distracted Episode 005 by summersuncelebrationentri

  • Pacce

    Awww, thanks for the shout out…
    Except I'm not a puppy! It's pah-say.

    Honestly, I was kinda happy Ask Pinkamena stopped. Of course, it's continuing as a webcomic… I just don't dig tumblers that turn canon characters into OCs and then folks pretend they're DEEP. It's just laaaaaaame. Berry Pnuch was funny though it was even cute in places, I will miss it.

    But I don't know what else you can do here man. This is like a quiet hub for pony. You can find the eps, news, interviews, games, and other sites but unless you delve into fan stuff, you're kinda stuck unless you can find a way to get more interviews or news that EqD cannot.

    I mean this site isn't bad in any way shape or form, it's just not one you can spend hours at. EqD appeals to the fanart/fanfic crowd and that means a lot more content. On the flip side, I can actually find your news and it's reported without silly jokes that get in the way.

  • derpymaths

    good show plaster, i missed the previous ep and i went back and listened because this ep referred to it quite a lot. i dont think its bad to reference previous eps but yeah i guess youre right to want to keep it to a minimum.

    id like to see interviews on your show, that would be fun. start small, interview your teammates, friends and stuff and then move up to bigger catches. i like that tekaramity was friendly to you, thats a sign of integrity.
    i feel the derpy team worries too much about eqd overshadowing them. on the other hand, there are many things this site could do to better compete with eqd, but thats a whole other discussion.

    and yes, derpysquad totally has his hand hovering over the 'eject' button, ready to launch plaster off into space at the first drop of any inflammatory rhetoric. lol j/k :P

  • Masky

    Aww don't worry,personaly I like Derpy Hooves more than Equestria daily because of the lack of fanfic and other stuff like that but sometimes fanart can be refreshing as"filler" as you put it.

    All I can say is keep doing what you guys are doing,even if theres not always a billion people on this site.

    P.S You should get that cold looked at.

  • Pacce

    Actually, here's a thought:
    You're already interviewing Sergent Sprinkles, why not do at least a feature on one contributor every week where you talk about the things they do, where to find their stuff, and maybe even an interview (spoken or text).
    Kind of a more personal touch than EqD.

  • DerpySquad

    ^ I second this idea.

    Going back to Pacce's first post, he's basically right, there isn't much more we can do, but this site isn't about hordes of people spending hours on like EqD. Its a hub, always has been, you come here, get your news, and then click a link to go off somewhere else in the fandom.

    Indeed our sub-sections are collecting dust, but I hope to fix that soon. Besides that I know Plaster and I don't quite see eye to eye on traffic. I'm happy where I am with the place, I'd rather be the B site than the A.

    We just gotta go forward, not backwards, upwards, not downwards, and always spinning. (Simpsons quote).

  • pixelkitties

    Hello Mr. Plaster!

    I listen to your Driving Distracted every week, and I have to tell you, it makes me terribly sad to hear how much it pains you to compete with EQD. Honestly, DerpyHooves-dot-com is one of my very favorite sites and when I say I come here a million times a day, that's probably a conservative estimate!

    I don't believe that you or the site is doing ANYTHING particularly wrong. In fact, you're doing everything right, as far as I'm concerned. I don't come here so much because the site is broken or pointless. I get tons of news and amazing fan-stuff right here. When I was on the Bronyville Podcast last week, my One-Cool-Thing came directly from here, and I gave you guys the appropriate credit.

    And that's what's so great. When I find something here, it's almost guaranteed to be an amazing piece of the pony pie that I won't see anywhere else!

    I suppose my point is, you may just have to step back be proud of this awesome website, and keep trying to do the best you can. Is there another site that is more popular? Sure. And that's actually okay! There are SOOOOOOOO many artists who are light years beyond where I could ever hope to be. But that's okay too! I do my own thing and I'm proud of it. You guys do you're own thing in the world of pony websites and it is AWWWWWEEEESOME!

    That's all for now! Keep being awesome and keep up the great work! I can tell you that this pony definitely appreciates it.

  • Tekaramity

    Hey there plaster, how's it goin'? Thanks for the pleasant mention; I appreciate your respect & comprehension of the larger picture.

    First of all, derpy hooves: Yes indeed, I used to browse this site often, and I still occasionally do. Like I told you (and like you mentioned), I was an outsider in terms of the fandom. I'll stick up for Seth and EqD, absolutely, regardless of the blog's foibles…but I sincerely hope that *all* the pony sites will exist in harmony, sooner rather than later. Short version: Yes, I'm proud to write for EqD; yes, I think derpyhooves is a laudable site; no, I won't hold any ill will against ya.

    As you said about the interviews: yeah, basically, it's a combination of the large size of EqDaily and my direct intent to keep my questions professional & open to insightful answers. Since I treat my interviewees with respect, I receive excellent responses. I'm certain that you guys could do very much the same, and I honestly *do* hope you secure a few! The more interviews, the better, really. I'll do my part, you guys do your part, other places (Brony Show, etc.) will do their parts, and the FiM team will *absolutely* do their part. It's a truly phenomenal community, this fandom, fostered by this wonderfully amazing show. May it survive and thrive for eons to come.

    To close, I'll just reiterate: Thank you again for the conversation & discussion. Be it EqDaily, derpyhooves, or any other site, I'm looking forward to what the pony fandom brings next. ^_^