Guest Starring our very own Leth!

Ok let me tell you right off the bat that I tested this thoroughly and it was PERFECT. Then when it came to recording things fell apart. You will understand when you hear me talking. It sounds like i’m talking in a submarine and talking through a speak n spell. It was a good episode that we couldn’t re-recreate if we tried it again. So let me apologize for that. I’ll make 100% sure that it’s perfect for the next time. You have no idea how upset i was hearing this after having such a great discussion.

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Disclaimer: This episode contains opinions from two employees of the site, most of these are no secret but if they do end up ruffling some feathers we want you to know that these opinions don’t usually effect or change the content on the site that has already been labelled as the ‘norm’. Also there is swearing.

Link – Guest Star from last weeks episode

This episode we discussed:

  • Introductions
  • /co/ general thread mechanics
  • 4chan pony politics
  • Lotsa talk about /v/ and hate threads
  • Pony Missionaries
  • Migration
  • Fans of the Fandom
  • Taking things too seriously
  • Civil Discussion and lost train of thought
  • Question and Answer
  • The size of the fanbase and Plateauing
  • Alternative views on the news
  • Your entire day is poni

Driving Distracted 007 by plasterisbest

  • commander jesus

    Interview me

  • Pacce

    There has been SOME life in the other sections of FiMchan since the return of new episodes. Even some nice discussion… Some.

    I still disagree about the fandom needing to shrink. I mean, I want this show to be as a big a success as it can be. I want the writing team to be pushed as far as they can and for Hasbro to be backed into a corner into making GOOD pony toys.

  • Anonymous

    Did you disable the comments on that holiday donations post?
    That's something Sethisto would do.

  • plaster

    i didn't do anything to it I just woke up and saw it closed, were you guys doing something that warranted it being shut down? Because there's a limit of how much stupid we can tolerate before we step in

  • DerpySquad

    For the record I turned them off. Its only common sense that when a retard keeps sticking his dick in the light socket, that you take away the light socket. Feel free to insult, but you sure as hell going to have to do better than calling me Seth.

  • pixelkitties

    I'll be honest, the audio sounded fine to me, and I was specifically listening and prepared for abysmal audio.

    I have to say, I'm not sure what the line is between being TOO involved with pony or just enough. Personally, at this point, MLP is my major hobby, outshining gaming and even beer (which is saying a lot, trust me.) I spend a significant portion of my free time keeping up with news (thanks to you fine gentlebronies,) art, upcoming episodes, etc. I also buy just about every toy that's released.

    That said I'm not actively "recruiting" or flipping out over my love for MLP in polite company. I'm reasonably successful and bring home a nice paycheck. I live a life in addition to pony stuff, and I suppose that's the litmus test. Where does your life end and pony begin? If there is a definitive line, you're probably doing okay. If hobby and reality are blurred to the point you can't tell the difference any longer, or if the pony thing has become problematic in your job or relationships, I guess that's when you have to step back and re-evaluate.

    But moreover, I'd say that's a major problem with any hobby or passtime, whether it's golf or gaming, shopping or Star Trek or pets, or ponies.

  • Anonymous

    Haven't listened to to the other pod casts yet but I really enjoyed this one. Instead of trying not to step on anyone's toes you said what needed to be said about a few aspects of the fandom.

  • mattyhex

    Yay! Cat!

    I've only told one person to watch pony, and she's a good friend whom I knew would enjoy the show, other then that pony stays confined to me, myself and I.

    I've thought about getting one of my vectors printed as a poster for my wall, but that's expensive and really not useful.

    As for the not-very-nice areas of the fandom, yes I know they exist, and I really don't care what they do, but really I think some people should take the time to think before posting some of that shit. The notion of making it id fine, I enjoy creative challenges and also know art is meant to challenge the viewer, but I think some of the authors should re-asses their decision to post some of their less tasteful work, not only for the respectability of the fandom or the name they choose to attach to the work, but really how useful is it? How much time did they waste? Is it something they'd actually want to come across?

    At the end of the day though, they're wasting their time, not mine.

  • 21shootingstar -★-

    Part of this episode reminded me of when I started being a brony, at first I was trying to make all my friends to watch mlp, some did watched it some didn't but I kept persisting, after a few months I realize that some people that I didn’t like started watching the show and that, kind of made me feel jealous, so I stopped telling people about mlp. All that jealousy became a bigger problem because I was starting to take it too serious to a point where I was getting mad at those people just because they watched the show and I didn’t wanted them to become bronies, so I told a friend about my problem and he told me to don't feel jealous, those people they were only watching the show because it was internet famous, so I started ignoring them and as time passed some of those people that I didn't like stopped watching the show and none of them became a brony, I know that it sounds wrong but I’m happy things went that way.

    Right now I’m the only brony among my friends and being a brony is something that defines between them it kind of makes me feel original, so now I don’t push people to became bronies and I feel comfortable talking to anyone about the show and if I don’t like some that watches the show too, I just ignore that person.