by Daemon107

Alternate Title: Skyrim is the #1 Killer of all Free Time

(I’m working on getting an RSS feed and this all into iTunes. I know how to do it, I just need to actually do it.)

Edit: Whoops! Forgot my disclaimer! I don’t think there’s anything controversy worthy in this ep but there is still swearing

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In this episode:

  • Plaster Gets Lunch
  • Discusses the Season 3 info
  • Talks about the new episodes of ponies
  • Talks Dragons
  • Shitstorm(s) of the Week!
  • Get’s stupid with his Ego

Download :

DrivingDistracted008 by summersuncelebrationentri

    • Anonymous

      talk about timing… I just left work (and the only device capable of updating my iphone.

      I've heard episode 4,5 and 7; part of 6 (volume was too low to be audible whilst driving), and most of part 1 (2 and 3 on queue). So far I'm enjoying the show. There is just one thing that annoys me about your podcast; which is megaupload and/or the lack of an rss feed directly to the sound files.

      Feel free to remove this comment should you expect this in your inbox instead.


      Nido Media

    • mattyhex

      Don't you just love seeing random shit like people rolling tyres out of McD's?

      And unfortunately I have to agree with your bullet point about this ego/vip business, nothing comes across as more weird then someone demanding they be added to a special guests list (you also have to remember the loss of context when communicating via text). And again I feel the need to remind you that I've not received any feedback from PurpleTinker about my remastering and re-releasing of her font, and I'd imagine by this point she'll have seen it at least once.

      You just need to let these things pass, your hard work will pay it own dividends in the end, don't try and force things from it.