DustyKatt Fundraiser for Orangewood Children’s Foundation

DustyKatt has been running a fundraiser for the Orangewood Children’s Foundation over the past weeks and it’s still only at $500. That cannot stand!

There’s not a whole lot that’s worse than child abuse. We don’t need to say much about why it’s such an evil thing… what we’re going to talk about is what to do about it.

And that’s where the Orangewood Children’s Foundation comes in.

Orangewood, one of the highest-rated charities in the world for efficiency, effectiveness and transparency according to CharityNavigator, is dedicated to providing services to victims of child abuse. Medical care, clothing, shelter safe from the abusers, food, scholarships and tutoring… the things that abused children need the most. This is what Orangewood provides to children that have been let down. And Private Stampede has challenged you to make it possible for Orangewood to complete its mission.

These are some of the most impactful dollars you will ever donate; your help directly goes into turning a nightmare into a much better life. The right thing to do? You bet. Manly? Off the scale. [Links added. —Telofy]

Head over there and add a zero to that figure! At the right side that is, not the left. You can also squeeze it in somewhere in between if need be.

Thanks to DotHackerKite94 for the submission.

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