The auction for the 2008 Pinkie Pie Concept Sketch by Lauren Faust has ended.  $4,050.00 dollars.  I had a feeling this sketch would run up that much, even over the Derpy sketch.  Its an original concept sketch drawn before the series, and its of pegasus Pinkie Pie.


Applejack @ $1,375.00 with 32 bids and 23 hours left.
Twilight Sparkle @ $1,500.00 with 31 bids and 1 day 23 hours left.

  • Sheepdog

    I was hoping for a little less interest so I might have a chance, but I expected them to go fairly high as well. It's not often you get the chance to own a piece of concept art for a well known show.
    I just hope they are well cared for by whoever ends up with them.

  • playboydojo

    *Sigh* congrats to the lucky rich bastard. I wanted that Pinkie Pie sketch so badly.